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Marketing can be quite a tedious job to carry out. Not only that you need to get good interpersonal skills, doing it online can be a totally different kind of marketing; and it is challenging in its own. However, there are those who are willing to help out other people in honing their marketing skills. They’re like online marketing gurus that can give out tips that will help you create marketing strategies that can prove lucrative; but there can be others that can be nothing more than a waste of time.

Today, you’ll get to review one of these marketing specialist sites: the Project Profit Academy. Run by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong, Project Profit Academy or PPA, is advertised to be designed to help those who are enrolled into it earn fast; and by fast, we’re talking about $10,000 a month from employing the marketing strategies that the authors are employing. That’s a lot of currency as a payout, and this justifies a high level of scrutiny.

How does it work?

Brendan Mace is a known internet businessman, making out a living on marketing for the past eight years. He had teamed up with Jono Armstrong, another internet entrepreneur, to make joint offerings for their creations and that of other authors. One of them is the PPA, the high ticket offering from Mace, and subscribing to it gets you to emulate Mace and Armstrong’s success in the field, such as the purported $10,000 monthly income.

Enrolling into the PPA will cost one $1,997, an amount which some will undoubtedly find exorbitant, and is no doubt the basis of the battleground of whether or not the entire program is legitimate or not. Before we get into that, we have to learn more about Project Profit Academy.

Subscribing to the program for the aforementioned amount will give you access to Mace and Armstrong’s Sales Funnels, which will help you benefit from their sales traffic system. Not only that you’ll get their potentially large traffic of potential customers, their ‘Done for You Profit Funnel’ is optimized to earn you commissions ranging around $1,000; plus the value of the funnel, placed around $25,000. Apart from this perk, you are also given access to the authors’ offers of trainings, landing pages, email swipes, Facebook postings, and their future products; all with a total worth placed around a few thousand dollars more, and boosting your marketing powers while at it.

Is it really worth it?

This is the line that divides most of us; the offer seems too good to be true, albeit being very expensive and there’s no denying this one. If you’re to believe the several reviews scattered all over the internet, the program works well, though it is agreeable that it doesn’t work for the newer players; the program does not seem to teach them how to start one’s own traffic, and creating and managing one, assuming one can do it, will make you pay several hundred, if not thousand, dollars more. Even with the aid of the PPA’s market funnel, sooner or later you need to have your own funnel in order to completely thrive on your own.

Also, while there are many positive reviews about the program around the Internet, many of them are, for some reason, connected to the PPA; either as affiliates or as enrollees. Doesn’t this create an air of bias? Though there are few that are unaffiliated and still give positive reviews, feel free to weigh in your options on the considerations; which include the price and the fact that you’re not taught on creating your own market.

Finding the perfect strategies to thrive on the online market is a huge challenge indeed and for you, it shouldn’t be hard; but it’s nonetheless inevitable. If you can, and can also utilize the advantages that come with the price, feel free to give it a try!