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Back and muscle pains are among the most common health problems faced by adults and those with older age. There are several reasons that cause all sorts of muscle problems. Nevertheless, the solution will only boil down to observing proper posture, exercising regularly and giving yourself a good massage. A handheld massager is your best option especially if you want a quick way to relieve yourself from pain. Also, you can bring your handheld massager anywhere so you can enjoy a good massage anytime and anywhere. This page has the details on the best handheld massagers for 2017. Check them all out below.

  1. HoMedics HHP-350

This percussion action massager tops the list simply because of its portability and reliability. It is the most lightweight massager so you can easily bring this with you anywhere you go. This is actually the most popular choice for sports personalities and enthusiasts as they can bring the HoMedics HHP-350 wherever they compete for their sports.

The HoMedics HHP-350 comes with three different massage heads and each of them gives you the choice to perform a gentle massage, soothing heat massage or a firm massage. What’s even great is that the HoMedics HHP-350 will give you consistent power throughout your massage. You can also control the massage speed, thus allowing you to enjoy a customized massage. It also comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

  1. Thumper E501 NA

This handheld massager is characterized as a Sport Percussive Massager. It is also another popular choice for sports personalities and enthusiasts because of its deep penetrating massage. It uses Thumper’s patented technology, thus you can be assured that it delivers a very relaxing and penetrating massage.

You can also interchange its massage heads and set the percussive massage frequency from 20-40Hz, according to your preference. This handheld massager may not be the most portable model, but it will surely give you a powerful massage. This model also comes with a free DVD for you to enjoy several tips to get the most relaxing and effective massage for the device. Like the HoMedics HHP-350, the Thumper E501 NA also comes with a 2-year warranty.

  1. Zyllion ZMA-16

This Handheld Therapeutic Percussion Massager comes with a heating system, which will surely relieve you from all types of muscle pain and stress. Like the first two handheld massagers, you can also customize your massage by controlling the intensity thereof. You can enjoy a soothing massage or a powerful one. Its three interchangeable heads can target different muscles to relieve yourself from pain.

The most impressive feature of this type of massager is the fact that it has an infrared heating mechanism. This is a great treatment for sore muscles and can give you utmost relaxation.


All these three handheld massager can certainly relieve you from stress and pain. Perhaps you can choose one depending on your preference especially with its style and portability. Nevertheless, each of them is certainly a good option in treating stress and all sorts of muscle pain.

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