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More and more people are investing in a good weather station in their homes. The main benefit of having a personal weather station is the ability to accurately tell the weather condition at any given time. One might raise the point that anyone can easily get weather updates easily from the news or mobile apps. Though mobile apps and news are helpful in getting weather updates, they are only gathering data from one’s general location and may not true to one’s specific location. This is why weather updates from the news would report a sunny day ahead, only to be surprised by a rain later on. Having a personal weather station helps to tell the weather condition, and the factors that affect it, accurately and effectively in one’s area.

When looking for the best weather stations for your home, always look for these main features:

  • Thermometer – for reading temperatures inside and outside the home
  • Barometer – for reading the pressure in our atmosphere
  • Rain Gauge – for measuring liquid precipitation or rainfall
  • Humidity – a sensor that can measure the humidity in the area
  • Anemometer –  for measuring the wind direction and its speed
  • Indoor Display Console – this is the device that provides the information about the data gathered by the sensors.

Most home weather stations have the items listed above, but some have added features like solar panels, wireless transmission, and even telling the moon phase. There are many personal weather stations today; here are some that made it to the top list:

Davis 6250 Vantage Vue

One thing that makes the Davis 6250 different from other weather stations is that it allows radio-transmission. It has all the necessary devices such as the outdoor sensors, an LCD display, and a mounting kit. It is also solar powered which effectively saves power bills, the only downside is that it doesn’t function during extended periods of rainy weather. The Davis 6250 has specialized sensors, making it so accurate and reliable in giving weather reports.

AcuRite 00589 Pro Color

The AcuRite 00589 has the necessary sensors to give fast and accurate weather readings, emphasis on the word “necessary”. It means that the AcuRite 00589 is not packed with many sensors like other weather station, but keeps the necessary sensors like the thermometer, hygrometer, and so on. It is also because of this that the AcuRite 00589 is easy to install and is quite affordable. It has a nice color LCD that displays the collected data.

Netatmo Weather Station

The Netatmo Weather Station is got to be the best-looking station on the list. The two monitors are made from aluminum that is cylindrical in shape. It is absolutely stylish, but it also has many advanced features that other weather stations don’t have like the CO2 sensor that monitors the pollution level inside the home.  The data can be viewed through a mobile app, and can also be paired with devices such as the Amazon Alexa.

La Crosse Technology S88907

Personal weather stations can sometimes be pricy, but the La Crosse S88907 is a different story. Its sensor system is simple – it only has a thermometer and hygrometer. The data can be transmitted wirelessly over 300 feet. It may not have the same features as higher-end stations do, but it performs accurately for its price, which is very affordable.