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Why would anyone want to go to the wild and experience life in a less sophisticated way? Sometimes, you may wonder why camping is desired at all. According to statistics, kids aging 8-18 years old spend 270 minutes watching television daily, 82 minutes on the phone, 27 minutes on the computer and 80 minutes playing games. To sum it all up, these kids spend 113 days a year on electronic gadgets alone. Aside from the fact that they are exposing themselves to the harmful effects of these technologies, their minds are also set on unhealthy ideas like junk foods. For instance, 200 commercials on fast foods are aired on a Saturday morning cartoons alone to convince kids to eat these unhealthy foods. Hence, among 4-47 years old population, there are 5.4 million cases of ADHD and 215,000 under 12 years old are diabetic. Sadly, only 4 minutes are spent playing outside.

Too much exposure to gadgets and media also compromise family relationships. Single moms and dads only spend 3.5 minutes of meaningful talk with their kids weekly and this can be pretty much alarming. Hence, there is a need to change everyone’s usual routine.


At least, once a year, it would help to go out for a camp. It gives children the opportunity to experience adrenaline surging adventures. Since it will be a time away from gadgets, it gives you a moment to think without distractions. It also allows you to experience the beauty of nature which can be relaxing to the body and refreshing to the soul. If spent with adults like the parents, camps will also allow them to serve as good role models to their kids and someone whom children will look up to. When spent with friends, camping can create lifelong friendships with positive peer pressure. It is also a time when everyone removes oneself from the normal pressures of life, a time to decompress, believe and dream. It builds a temporary community that may hold safety risks that can serve learning lessons which trigger life’s important questions. Such experience can be very helpful as kids grow and navigate through tough decisions and adolescence.


Camping can also be a cost effective way to spend the holiday. Mostly, it will only require land travel so there’s no need to spend for plane tickets. Camping in the wild doesn’t have a fee either unless you will stay in a camping resort. Meaning, there is no need to spend a lot on your hotel accommodation. You will be exploring the wild, and since nature is free, there’s no need to spend anything on this too. So for a family longing for a least expensive summer vacation, camping can be your best choice.

If you are camping as a couple, this will give you time to strengthen your relationship. This will create memories that will serve as your strong bond to stand together against life’s challenges. Just make sure that you bring the best 2 person tents with you so your camping activity will be perfect.

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