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Are you a certified coffee lover? Just like me, I love to drink coffee every day. I mean, how can I work without coffee anyway? This is my partner in work and even partner in fulfilling my duties as a mom and as an employee.

I know that every one of us loves coffee. The main reason for it is that coffee gives us a high level of energy that we became energetic at work. Our physical and mental health became active and I believe that coffee has great help of it. Just like eating food, coffee also gives great benefits to our body that we need to consume on a daily basis in order to help us motivate for our daily activities.

Just like many people who are working in the office, mommies who are working at home, daddies who are doing hard labor just like construction workers, and even professionals, they love to drink coffee. But, did you know that there are many kinds of coffee that is available in the stores? If you have not tasted this coffee, then surely you must read here the different kinds of coffee and determine which of them is your favorite one.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of coffee available on restaurants, hotels and even on stores nationwide. All you need is to determine which type of coffee you love most and you can just order it in one click! So, here are the different kinds of coffee that you should know.

Black Coffee – This is the common coffee that is usually loved by men, mostly those who are doing hard labor just like farmers, construction workers, etc. In preparing this, just add a plain coffee to your mug and pour out hot water on it.

Coffee added with milk and sugar – By adding the desired amount of milk and sugar to your coffee, this could be sweet perfect for you. Usually, coffee added with milk and sugar are being loved by man women.

Espresso –  Brewed through a small amount of water and ground coffee beans. Usually, it is just a  single shot and thicker than brewed coffee. It is the base of other coffee drinks such as latte, cappuccino, macchiato, etc.

Americano – Contains hot water and a single shot of coffee espresso. It depends on your order if how many shots of espresso you want.

Macchiato – Also an espresso drink, only added with foamed milk on the top and even flavor shots if you want.

Cappuccino – 2 shots of espresso coffee, milk and cinnamon sprinkled on the top.

Mocha  A sweet coffee drink composed of 2 shots of espresso, milk, chocolate syrup, and cream on the top.

Latte – Contains 2 shots of espresso, and more milk, added with flavor shots like nuts and vanilla.

Affogato – A dessert ice cream poured out with 2 shots of coffee espresso.

There are lots more types of coffee drinks that many people loved. But of course, you have the favorite one. As long as you know what type of coffee you want, you can order it anytime and anywhere. Just like if you are traveling, a French press mug is perfect for coffee lovers is highly recommended. This mug is a perfect partner for you while you are in a travel and outdoor work. This is very convenient to carry and available whenever you want. A cup of coffee can cheer you up in your work and help you awake and feel energetic the whole day.