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Are you having difficulties bulking up and losing weight?

If you never skip on workout days, did you consider that your meal plans is to blame?

Take note that you need to eat healthy to build muscles. Exercising alone is insufficient. If you think that skipping meals will help you lose weight and create hard muscles easily, think twice. Your body requires energy to perform these workout programs. Hence, not eating will make it tougher for your body to exercise and recuperate.

What you need is an effective meal plan to speed-up muscle growth. Here are some tips that will guide you with the proper diet when building muscles.

#1 Determine Your Body Type

It is significant to determine what kind of physicality you have. It would help you distinguish the correct training programs, and meal plans to choose.

Here are the different body types.

  • Ectomorph Body Type– It is commonly known as a hard gainer. These are the people with a petite body, long limbs, low percentage of body fat, and experiences slow weight gain.
  • Endomorph Body Type– Also called as the soft gainer. People with this body type have rounder physique and deposits fat quickly around the waist, hips, and thighs as well. Have slow metabolism but fast muscle mass development and fat deposits.
  • Mesomorph Body Type– These are people with athletic bodies from broad shoulders, powerful arms, legs, and has a slender waist. They also experience rapid muscle growth and usually very athletic.

#2 Educate Yourself About Proper Nutrition

After identifying what type of physique you have, use it as a guide to determine which diet is ideal for your condition.

Ectomorph should eat carbohydrate-heavy meals, with additional calories, and plenty of good fats. Experts recommend mesomorph to eat carbohydrates in the morning, but reduce the amount of consumption in the evening. On the other hand, endomorph must follow a disciplined diet plan with low carbs and fats.

Additionally, fill up your meals with nutritious food. Avoid cheating your diet, or skipping meals. You need to eat at least six meals a day to maintain your blood sugar levels and metabolism.

#3 Know the Correct Macro Nutrient Ratio

Your body needs sufficient macronutrient ratio for faster muscle growth and development. Make sure to take in high-quality proteins, complex carbs, and essential fatty acids. Also, learn to calculate your personal macronutrient ratio to assure that your body is receiving the right amount.

Using protein powders and muscle building dietary supplements also helps in maintaining your body’s macronutrient count. Here is a source worth checking out that will guide you on how to choose premium and 100% safe muscle building supplements.

#4 A Well-Balanced meal

A proportionate meal with proteins and carbohydrates will give you more energy to function. And it will help you regenerate new muscles faster.

However, you have to choose complex carbs like whole-grain products. Avoid eating simple carbs like sugar in fruit juice. And get your proteins from lean meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.

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