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Do you simply love to play the guitar and even though you now do this at an amateur level, you plan to move up and reach the next level soon? Well, if you are interested in doing this at a more professional level sometime soon, then I think that it is the right time for you to look more closely at tools that can make your learning process easier. For example, if you have all sorts of ideas and you want to record the notes that come into your mind, then you definitely need a tube amplifier. Even though it is just home recording at the moment, you still should try to do it like a pro as it will prove to be very useful in the future. This is the reason why we strongly recommend you to learn how to choose one of the many types of tube amplifiers now available and to buy one as fast as possible.

There are numerous details that a beginner should check before buying a tube amplifier, each and every single one of them playing a different role. As a beginner, I am sure of the fact that you don’t know much about how to do an honest comparison of budget tube amps but this is what we, together with the professionals at Top Tube Amplifier are for. We have a list of tips and tricks to share with you so please check out the post below. You’ll surely find some great guiding lines to buying the right tube amplifier, one that perfectly matches your needs and preferences. Here it is:

  • Always bring your own instrument to the store: If you know the store from which you want to buy the tube amplifier is, then bring your own guitar to the store when you decide to shop for tube amplifiers. Using any guitar in the store to test the amplifier is worthless, as the amplifier needs to perfectly match your guitar. Keep this in mind when you shop for tube amplifiers.
  • Size: Always consider the size of the tube amplifier before you buy it. If you only need it, for example, for home recording, then you don’t need a tool with a high watt combo. If you need it, for example, in order to play live with a rock band, then you need a tube amp that is at least 30 watts.
  • Speakers: There is a lot to talk about speakers but we’ll resume to some of the most important details. For example, you should know that over driven speakers create distortion characteristics. What you need is a pair of speakers which sound lively, defined and harmonically.

You might feel a bit overwhelmed and confused by all the details that you need to check out which is why you can also choose to follow the guidance of the experts at Top Tube Amplifier. As mentioned above, these guys know everything about the best purchases on the market and they can help you. I know that you won’t regret following their guidance.