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Health must be the top priority of every individual whether on a tour or at home. With the evolving and ever growing world and its advancements, germs like micro-organisms are also evolving continually. These germs are becoming resistant to human immune system. Hence one can get ill very easily if effected by such germ attack. Hence it is advisable to have a proper medical plan when you are planning to out on a long tour that will cover more than ten days.

Government and health department are continually providing advice for not getting sick while traveling to help you stay active and healthy while you are on a long tour towards dense forests and hilly areas.

Risk assessment before travelling:

Risk assessment is a very good practice to mitigate the health problems while you are on the go. Before going on a long tour, you must assess all the risks and problems that you can face during your journey. Millions of people whether old or young, travel daily in all areas of the world.

1. With the growing economic situation and as tourism has becomes increasingly important both for human health as well as for economic growth, recreation, development, revenue earning, and many more. It has become very important to asses all the risks while you are on the go.

2. While the ever-growing tour and travel industry has provided us with revenue and economic growth. It has also created some vulnerabilities such as health problems that needs to be discussed properly. Traveling culture and its mass may not shrink anytime soon, hence proper measures are needed to be in place to mitigate all of the health issues.

3. When you are on a long travel into the mountains or forests and you unfortunately get ill, the medical help will take so time to get to you. Hence proper knowhow of medication and first aid kits is necessary to be in your backpack while you are on a tour.

4. Before going on any long journey, Vaccination of basic communicative diseases is must before you are on the go towards hilly areas. Since the risk of you being caught up by any of these diseases is much more in dense forest areas and hills.

5. If you are going towards mountains and hills in raining season, you could easily end up in a number of diseases since germs like bacteria and other micro-organisms evolve very frequently in rainy seasons.


Travelling has been increased over the past decade and tourism has become revenue generating field. But with many positive aspects there are some risks associated with these too. But risks can be mitigated by proper planning that includes right selection of touring places, timing of touring and weather conditions.

When travelers use to go on long journeys, they use portable tents and mattress that are inflatable and easy to be carried in their backpack. Hence the material of these sleeping bags and tents must be neat and clean and washable to avoid any germs