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Most beginners in archery feel overwhelmed on how to choose recurve bows. There are a wide variety of these bows on the market. Each one differs in type, weight, length, and materials of construction. All of these are confusing for a beginner to take in. As one of the newbies in archery, how can you guarantee that the recurve bow you are buying is perfect for your level?

To start your journey in this sport, here is a guide worth your time. Check out the key ideas on how to choose a recurve bow below.

#1 Determine your Purpose

Every recurve bow is unique. There are specific recurve bows for particular activities. For instance, if you want to use a bow for hunting, you have to purchase one with parameters designed for such purpose. Usually, recurve bows for hunting has more draw weight and force. The same goes for beginners in archery.

There is a specific recurve bow for target practice. These type of bows features designs suitable for beginners in this sport. Moreover, anyone who wants to enhance their aiming skill can use recurve bows for beginners.

#2 Draw Weight

The actual weight of the bow can affect your performance. Remember that you have to keep the bow in front of you at an extended time. Therefore, you have to start with a lighter bow for your practice. The ideal draw weight of solid recurve for beginners is between 2 to 3.5 pounds. As you progress, you can choose heavier bows. However, using bows that is too heavy can strain your shoulders and arms. Also, it may impact your aim.

#3 Bow Length

The ideal bow length of a recurve should be twice longer than your actual draw length. For example, if you can draw up to 25 inches, you should pick a recurve bow that is 50 inches or more. The longer a recurve bow, the more chance you have in hitting the right target. In a nutshell, recurve bow length influences the accuracy of your aim.

#4 Type of Recurve Bow

There are two types of recurve bows; the one piece and take-down recurve bow. The first type of recurve bow is basically a one piece item. On the other hand, the second type of recurve bow is collapsible kind. The limbs of a take-down bow are detachable from the riser. This feature is convenient, especially for environment archers. You can pack the bow in a regular bag and transport it with ease in your favorite practice ground. Moreover, take-down bows allow you to adjust your draw weight.

#5 Bow Accessories

There are recurve bows with additional accessories. Examples of bow accessories you might want to consider are bow sight and arrow rest. These accessories are actually helpful in improving the accuracy of aim.

As you keep on looking for recurve bows to buy, learn more about these archery instrument here at Get Recurve Bow. This online source has all the details you need in searching for recurve bows. Also, if you need help in learning the basics of the sport, you can trust this source to guide you.