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There are many reasons why platelet counts drop below normal. But cancer patients are the ones who are most predisposed to it due to chemotherapy treatments and radiation. Such condition is termed medically as “thrombocytopenia”. And once your body’s platelet level drops below normal, your system’s ability to form clot will be also compromised. Other causes of thrombocytopenia include severe blood loss resulting from a severe injury.


Low platelet levels can be fatal. And the most horrible thing that can happen from it is internal bleeding. And you can read more about it here. Internal bleeding commonly occurs in the person’s brain and GIT. The sad fact is, medical practitioners will still need conduct series of tests before these bleedings are diagnosed. Meaning, much damage was already done before they can intervene. This leads to serious complications. Once the person passes out dark and tarry stool, this signified bleeding in one’s gastrointestinal tract. However, only a medical lab can analyze this through a stool sample.


And though the person is experiencing nausea and vomiting and severe headache, brain bleeding can only be confirmed once the person has gone through MRI or CT scan. Once the symptom is not treated, it can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and death.


Low platelet count can also cause petechiae to surface on your skin. These are tiny and flat red spots on the skin which results from the blood’s inability to clot, hence then seep closed to your skin or circulate into your mucous membrane. If you look at your corneas, you will notice that it will be flushed red. This is blood. Blood blisters may also form in your mouth. Gum bleeding and nosebleed can also be seen among individuals with low platelet levels. If the nosebleed or gum bleeding last for more than 10 minutes, you need to report it immediately. Any symptom of decreased platelet will avoid serious complications of thrombocytopenia.


If low platelet is a result of blood thinning administration like heparin, this can result in tamponade. Once your blood thins and platelet count goes lower than normal, there will be fluid accumulating in your heart’s surrounding since the muscles of the heart will lose its pumping ability. Once the fluid builds up, it compresses and squeezes your heart as well as its chambers. Among the symptoms of cardiac tamponade includes breathing difficulties, chest pain, confusion, and anxiety.


Longer bleeding time


Normally, bleeding stops when platelets work. However, with low platelet count, the bleeding time will be prolonged. Hence, when the cut is larger which results in more trauma; it can be fatal since it would result in a profuse bleeding. In such case, the physician will order platelet transfusion to correct the condition.


So, if you wonder if low platelet count is fatal, the answer is yes. Hence, any symptom noticed signifying of low platelet count must be treated seriously so further complications can be prevented. There are also natural methods to increase platelet level and you can find them at boostplateletcount.com.

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