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Thor is one of the most popular characters in MCU. He carries one of the most iconic weapons in MCU: the Mjolnir. Did you know several interesting facts about the hammer that you might have missed throughout the Marvel saga? Fortunately, this post got you covered.

Thor’s first official appearance was in1962 Marvel Comics, Journey into Mystery #83, as a Norse god of thunder with incredible strength and power. One of several reasons why he is popular is due to his hammer: the Mjolnir.

Mjolnir, which means a grindstone or grinder, is an Uru hammer. Eitri and the Dwarves of Nidavellir forged the hammer out of a dying star. But more than that, there are several fun facts about Mjolnir that you should know.

#5: Science has nothing to do with Mjolnir’s weight

Science has nothing to do with the weight of Thor’s hammer.

Throughout the Marvel saga, it is emphasized that Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, can only be wielded by someone worthy; Thor is one of them.

According to what’s circulating the internet, the weight of the hammer is around billions of tons – that’s not going to happen.

The hammer was forged from Uru metal, a metal ore from the first moon that ever existed in the Marvel verse; however, this fact won’t justify the true weight of the hammer.

If you would go back to 1991, Marvel released trading cards, including Thor’s hammer. One of the notable descriptions of the Mjolnir is its weight, which is 42.3 pounds (19 kg) – this far from the billions of tons that keep circulating.

So, technically, the reason why nobody can lift the hammer but Thor is based on the “worthy and non-worthy” thing.

#4: Mjolnir has rejected Thor after succeeding in his father’s throne.

Did you know that Thor, despite his worthiness, struggled to lift the Mjolnir? After Thor became Asgard’s new king or All-Father, he noticed that the hammer became heavier and heavier to lift, while those who aren’t worthy can wield the hammer without a problem.

Thor discovered that it was not because he became unworthy to wield the hammer, but because he is no longer the “tip of the Asgardian’s spear”. Odin had enchanted the hammer to be given to a warrior. Thor, as the new king, can no longer fulfill his duties as a warrior. Thus, Mjolnir was rejecting him. Thor’s character was worthy of Mjolnir, but his new role in Asgard can no longer make the hammer obey him. Try to get know Thor more and find out why he is worthy.

#3: Odin enchants Mjolnir

Did you know that Odin was the mastermind why Mjolnir can’t be lifted by anyone who isn’t worthy? Odin placed several enchantments upon the hammer, including the worthiness enchantment.

#2: Jane Foster was worthy to wield Mjolnir

Spoiler’s alert: yep, Jane Foster did it.

During her battle against breast cancer, Jane Foster had the chance to prove she was worthy to wield Mjolnir and gain Thor’s power. In fact, she became the Mighty Thor.

So, much for the spoiler and wait for the upcoming movie Thor: Love and Thunder.

#1: Mjolnir got destroyed in Ragnarok but returned in End Game

If you’ve watched Thor: Ragnarok, Hera destroyed Mjolnir. However, in End Game, Thor traveled back to the past, and he brought the hammer to the future, solving their problem with the hammer with ease.

So, do not be surprised why in Love and Thunder, you’ll see Mjolnir.