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A massage chair is not a cheap investment. That is why it is important to know everything about it before even spending money for its purchase. You can know more about it on this page and be aware of its advantages and limitations by reading through this post.

Below are some of the benefits offered by a massage chair:

  1. It gives you the chance to enjoy a relaxing massage anytime.

Wouldn’t it be nice to end your long and tiring day with a relaxing massage? If you have a massage chair, all you need to do is to press its buttons and the rest of the time that follows will be a pampering session using this chair as your tool. Hence, there will be no need to travel to your local massage parlor just to soothe those aching muscles away.

  1. You have the advantage of getting a therapy similar to that offered by a therapist.

Do you know that most massage chairs are designed to perform specific types of massage? Some of them can perform shiatsu, Swedish and other kinds of massage. Hence, you can enjoy the therapy offered by similar forms of massage.

Massage has other purposes other than just offering relaxation. They are also best in soothing the aches in your muscles and increase your blood circulation. It can also resolve issues on muscle tightness. The good effects of massage can maximize your body’s performance, allowing you to be your best to become more productive every day.

  1. Massage chairs are cost-effective.

Getting a massage in a spa can be expensive. Imagine how much you will spend the entire time for this luxury alone. However, you can put an end to such expenses by buying your own massage chair. The services of a massage therapist may cost to as much as $100 per session. And for instance, if you avail for this at least 20 times a day; it means you will spend $2,000 for the massage service in a month time. Meanwhile, the cost of a massage chair is around $3000. This means you can already get back your investment even before the second month has ended.

But just like other products, a massage chair has its own limitations too and among these are as follows:

  1. It only works on a specific body location.

Although these types of chairs are programmed to do certain body massage, there are certain parts of the body that it can cover.

  1. Only a massage chair will require a big space.

Because of the enormous size of massage chair, it will occupy a lot of space. So, if you are planning to have this, you have to free up your room of space to make a way for the chair.

A massage chair has its own pros and cons. Hence, you need to weight your purchasing decision well so you can get more of the advantage. Of course, certain factors like your budget, space, and type of massage it offers have to be considered.

Water is life, but how much do you trust the water that you drink often? Easy access to water is a blessing; compared to foreign lands such as Africa, America is blessed to have an easy access to clean, safe, and properly sanitized water. Sadly, issues on water crisis are getting bigger and substantial, and it threatens to be massive in few years’ time due to serious health dangers to the public. Threats such as aging infrastructure, industrialization, oil spills, and more had aggravated hundreds and thousands of residents from different states because of a significant level of contaminants such as lead, arsenic, chromium and other chemicals, leading to scarcity of clean water. If you think that those affected areas are the only ones who are in threat of water contaminants, think again. The chances that your county, city, or state is exposed to water contaminants are still high. According to National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), 77 million across the states are currently being served with water that was found to have violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act in 2015. Thus, it is uncertain that the water that you drink or your family members are safe. So, below are the top reasons why you should never drink tap water:

  1. Good source of microorganism

Viruses, parasites, and bacteria are sometimes found in water. Although several American households have tap water, still there is a high risk of water contamination, especially if the pipeline were under-managed or broken due to natural disasters. Any point of entry within the pipeline may jeopardize the water’s standard as a safe water to drink.

  1. Possible presence of heavy metal

Like it or not, heavy metal may be found in the water that you drink. Although, water companies ensure its consumers that the water they provide is safe to drink, still, it is inevitable that the mining activities nearby can affect the water.

  1. The presence of lead and copper

Although high levels of lead and copper in water is considered as an isolated case, still, lead can be found in water that you use every day, unless you have your plumbing changed every after 2-3 years. Lead can seep into the water systems whenever the plumbing materials start to corrode. Thus, with corrosion, the acidity and the alkalinity of the water start to change and become irregular. Then, if you try to drink the water with a lead for a long period of time, it can cause you health damages; oftentimes, it may develop kidney stones and even heart attack. Additionally, a farm fruit nearby can also affect the water due to the production of arsenic from a decomposing fruit on the ground, however, similar to lead, these cases are considered isolated. So, if you want to live long and healthy, it would be best for you to purchase reverse osmosis water filters for home consumption. These machines filter the unseen solid particles by the naked eye, such as salt, dirt, and more. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to read more of about Return Osmosis Water Treatment, you may visit one of the great resource! -The SoftwaterLab now.

Ovarian cancer is cancer that starts in the ovaries, the female reproductive organs responsible for the production of eggs. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 22,000 new cases of this type of cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States alone, and more than 14,000 women die of the disease every year. Although this cancer claims fewer victims than lung cancer or breast cancer, ovarian cancer prevention is nonetheless a serious business that should interest all women.

Lowering the Risk Factor

Studies suggest that certain procedures or events in women’s lives may actually lower their risk of getting cancer of the ovaries. Among these events or procedures are:

  • Tubal ligation
  • Removal of both ovaries
  • Hysterectomy
  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Use of birth control pills
  • Healthy, low-fat diet
  • Use of aspirin and acetaminophen

Women at Risk

Just as certain procedures and events lower the risk for cancer in the ovaries, some factors increase women’s risk of getting the disease. While some factors cannot be changed, some are actually conditions that women can actively do something about.

  • Women over 40 have a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer.
  • Family history of cancer of the breast, the ovaries or the colorectal area. Women whose mother or sisters, or daughters have had cancer of the ovaries have a higher risk of being stricken with the disease. Mutations in the BRCA1 ad BRCA2 genes increase the risk of ovarian and breast cancer as well. Hence, you should opt for the top rated DNA ancestry testto screen yourself of the disease if you’re noticing symptoms.
  • Studies show that women who suffer from obesity are at a greater risk of getting this type of cancer.
  • Fertility drugs. The use of the fertility drug clomiphene citrate (Clomid®) may increase the risk of developing certain tumors in the ovary.
  • Estrogen and hormone therapy. Women who have been using estrogens to address problems brought about by menopause may be at higher risk of cancer in the ovaries.
  • Talcum powder. Application of talcum powder to the genital area or to sanitary napkins may contribute to greater risk of this type of cancer.

Surgical Options

Hysterectomy and removal of the ovaries will of course lower the risk of this cancer type. However, no doctor will agree to perform these procedures just for the sake of prevention unless there are strong indicators pointing to a patient’s vulnerability.

These procedures are only recommended for women who are at serious risk because of a clearly marked family history of ovarian or breast cancer coupled with positive testing for BRCA1 or BRA2 gene mutation or alteration. Studies have shown that this radical approach lessens the risk of cancer in those organs. However, this type of surgery may do little to prevent a very similar cancer which starts in the lining of the abdomen.

Possibly the most sensational illustration for this radical approach is Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a mastectomy after being genetically tested for BRCA1 and BRA2 alteration. Many have praised her for being willing to undergo such a controversial procedure but it remains to be seen whether or not more women will do the same in the interest of ovarian cancer prevention.


People are taking the time and effort to pick a good laptop with amazing numbers corresponding to technical specifications. It’s also hard to deny that when choosing a laptop or computer, a person is likely to spend a considerable amount of time in gauging its visual appeal as well. There’s a good reason why the term “premium look” is used frequently in the world of laptop manufacturing and reviews. However, one thing that quite a lot of laptop owners tend to overlook when owning a laptop is choosing a bag that is as amazing as the laptop it houses. There are so many laptop bags to choose from that it’s easy to be overwhelmed and just pick the one that corresponds to the size of the laptop. Although size is a must when buying a laptop bag, it’s not the sole consideration that determines which laptop bag is the best one to use on a daily basis. Here are some key considerations to think about before finally deciding on which one to purchase online or at a local store.

  1. Style

For a lot of people, laptop bags are generally pictured out initially as messenger bags. This is probably because messenger bags are flexible in terms of looks and function. However, popular or prevalent they may be; messenger bags aren’t the only type of laptop bag to pick from. A rolling messenger bag, with the addition of the wheels already a huge upgrade. And in terms of the best rolling laptop bag under $100, perhaps the best one to consider in terms of function is a backpack. The form factor of a backpack is tried and tested to be efficient and less painful on the back. There are a lot of people who still prefer backpacks because of the sole reason that it distributes weight.

  1. Material

Choosing the right materials for a laptop bag is important when it comes to making sure that the bag’s look is appropriate. A person who is wearing business attire might find that a nylon rolling laptop bag is going to look childish. Nylon is an incredibly sturdy material so it’s pretty understandable why a lot of people like it so much. On the other hand, leather or even fake leather is a more versatile option. It can be used while wearing casual attire or a business suit. The downside is that it generally cost considerably more than nylon. One thing to remember when choosing between faux leather and genuine leather is that the latter is likely to make some people angry. The leather industry is still rife with controversy.

  1. Compartments

Some laptop bags can be as plain as having one compartment meant for the laptop itself, nothing else. This may sound like a bad idea for a laptop bag, but it’s surprising that this is exactly what some people are looking for. With this in mind, it’s important to have a good idea on how many compartments and what compartments are necessary additions so that the bag is able to accommodate the laptop, its accessories , nd other items owned by the laptop owner.

For the general public, women and men alike, using regular mirrors when putting on makeup is the norm. However, for those who use makeup on a daily basis, or does so as part of their career, the typical mirror is never enough. Not even ones that are found in most dressers. On the surface, it seems silly that makeup application demands a special kind of mirror. However, anyone who has been putting on makeup using the usual mirror just might surprise themselves once they get the chance to use a makeup mirror. They might no longer be able to go back to using the usual flat-surfaced mirror at all.

So what makes a makeup mirror different? As clued in previously, makeup mirrors aren’t flat. They are slightly concave. This provides a better angle of vision when putting on makeup on the side of the face. Ever noticed how difficult it is to check if makeup is properly applied on the cheeks? It’s hard to keep looking at the corner of the eyes. The slight concave of makeup mirrors provides the means to view the side of the face easily. This is referred to, at least in technical terms, the incident angle.

For those who have tried using makeup mirrors and are now convinced of getting one, or for anyone who are already convinced of its advantages in putting on makeup, it’s important to consider some factors first. Here are some things to think about before getting on from the local store or buying online.

  1. Two Sides.

What can two-sided mirrors offer anyway? Isn’t a mirror with two sides ridiculous? No, not really. It’s only outrageous when the mirror has the same surface and magnification on both sides. A two-sided mirror should offer variability wherein one side can offer the typical flat-surfaced mirror while the other has the distinct concave surface of a makeup mirror. Or both sides can be concave, but have different levels of magnification. Check out the best makeup mirrors with 360° rotation on reliable merchant sites.

  1. Magnification Level.

Anyone who puts on makeup on a regular basis understands the importance of precision. After all, it’s infuriating to keep botching up the application just because the mirror isn’t able to provide a clearer reflection. Magnified makeup mirrors can help in improving precision. Putting on eyeliners, for example, requires a steady hand and a bigger reflection for better reference. Of course, too much magnification isn’t going to be any more useful than it has to be. Choosing carefully is the key.

  1. Addition of Lighting.

Makeup mirrors are made specifically for improving the precision and quality of putting on cosmetics. No question about that. This is why it’s never unusual to find makeup mirrors sold on the Internet or at local shops to have lights added to them. Usually, these days, the lighting fixture is LED. This option for lighting fixture provides the best in getting the most out of the battery’s power capacity. And most importantly, LED doesn’t get hot enough to affect makeup.

Back and muscle pains are among the most common health problems faced by adults and those with older age. There are several reasons that cause all sorts of muscle problems. Nevertheless, the solution will only boil down to observing proper posture, exercising regularly and giving yourself a good massage. A handheld massager is your best option especially if you want a quick way to relieve yourself from pain. Also, you can bring your handheld massager anywhere so you can enjoy a good massage anytime and anywhere. This page has the details on the best handheld massagers for 2017. Check them all out below.

  1. HoMedics HHP-350

This percussion action massager tops the list simply because of its portability and reliability. It is the most lightweight massager so you can easily bring this with you anywhere you go. This is actually the most popular choice for sports personalities and enthusiasts as they can bring the HoMedics HHP-350 wherever they compete for their sports.

The HoMedics HHP-350 comes with three different massage heads and each of them gives you the choice to perform a gentle massage, soothing heat massage or a firm massage. What’s even great is that the HoMedics HHP-350 will give you consistent power throughout your massage. You can also control the massage speed, thus allowing you to enjoy a customized massage. It also comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

  1. Thumper E501 NA

This handheld massager is characterized as a Sport Percussive Massager. It is also another popular choice for sports personalities and enthusiasts because of its deep penetrating massage. It uses Thumper’s patented technology, thus you can be assured that it delivers a very relaxing and penetrating massage.

You can also interchange its massage heads and set the percussive massage frequency from 20-40Hz, according to your preference. This handheld massager may not be the most portable model, but it will surely give you a powerful massage. This model also comes with a free DVD for you to enjoy several tips to get the most relaxing and effective massage for the device. Like the HoMedics HHP-350, the Thumper E501 NA also comes with a 2-year warranty.

  1. Zyllion ZMA-16

This Handheld Therapeutic Percussion Massager comes with a heating system, which will surely relieve you from all types of muscle pain and stress. Like the first two handheld massagers, you can also customize your massage by controlling the intensity thereof. You can enjoy a soothing massage or a powerful one. Its three interchangeable heads can target different muscles to relieve yourself from pain.

The most impressive feature of this type of massager is the fact that it has an infrared heating mechanism. This is a great treatment for sore muscles and can give you utmost relaxation.


All these three handheld massager can certainly relieve you from stress and pain. Perhaps you can choose one depending on your preference especially with its style and portability. Nevertheless, each of them is certainly a good option in treating stress and all sorts of muscle pain.

Why would anyone want to go to the wild and experience life in a less sophisticated way? Sometimes, you may wonder why camping is desired at all. According to statistics, kids aging 8-18 years old spend 270 minutes watching television daily, 82 minutes on the phone, 27 minutes on the computer and 80 minutes playing games. To sum it all up, these kids spend 113 days a year on electronic gadgets alone. Aside from the fact that they are exposing themselves to the harmful effects of these technologies, their minds are also set on unhealthy ideas like junk foods. For instance, 200 commercials on fast foods are aired on a Saturday morning cartoons alone to convince kids to eat these unhealthy foods. Hence, among 4-47 years old population, there are 5.4 million cases of ADHD and 215,000 under 12 years old are diabetic. Sadly, only 4 minutes are spent playing outside.

Too much exposure to gadgets and media also compromise family relationships. Single moms and dads only spend 3.5 minutes of meaningful talk with their kids weekly and this can be pretty much alarming. Hence, there is a need to change everyone’s usual routine.


At least, once a year, it would help to go out for a camp. It gives children the opportunity to experience adrenaline surging adventures. Since it will be a time away from gadgets, it gives you a moment to think without distractions. It also allows you to experience the beauty of nature which can be relaxing to the body and refreshing to the soul. If spent with adults like the parents, camps will also allow them to serve as good role models to their kids and someone whom children will look up to. When spent with friends, camping can create lifelong friendships with positive peer pressure. It is also a time when everyone removes oneself from the normal pressures of life, a time to decompress, believe and dream. It builds a temporary community that may hold safety risks that can serve learning lessons which trigger life’s important questions. Such experience can be very helpful as kids grow and navigate through tough decisions and adolescence.


Camping can also be a cost effective way to spend the holiday. Mostly, it will only require land travel so there’s no need to spend for plane tickets. Camping in the wild doesn’t have a fee either unless you will stay in a camping resort. Meaning, there is no need to spend a lot on your hotel accommodation. You will be exploring the wild, and since nature is free, there’s no need to spend anything on this too. So for a family longing for a least expensive summer vacation, camping can be your best choice.

If you are camping as a couple, this will give you time to strengthen your relationship. This will create memories that will serve as your strong bond to stand together against life’s challenges. Just make sure that you bring the best 2 person tents with you so your camping activity will be perfect.

It is a known fact that personal protective gears are necessary and required for people who are riding and driving a motorcycle. As an overview, most countries have laws wherein a motorcycle rider and driver who will not be wearing one will be jailed and/or penalized with a huge amount of money. Sometimes, their driving licenses will also be revoked and the motorcycle will be impounded. Apart from it being a legal obligation, wearing protective gears is also beneficial to individuals. Such is due to the fact that such can prevent the occurrence of serious injuries in case they will be involved in traffic or road accidents. The good thing is that there are already a lot of protective gears, from head to feet that are being sold in the market.


An important gear that motorcycle riders and drivers should have is a motorcycle jacket. Obviously, it is a gear that is responsible for protecting the upper body of the individuals. Looking further, it protects some of the most subtle parts of the body like the arms, ribs, spinal column, and the vital organs like the liver and the lungs. Generally speaking, motorcycle jackets can be made with leather or textile materials, as well as a combination of the two. People who will be looking for a list of the best motorcycle jackets will also find out that motorcycle jackets have different types based on their usage. One of which is the racing motorcycle jacket. As the name implies, it is a jacket that is recommended for people who love to race or use their motorcycles for sports.


Racing motorcycle jackets usually come with different types of armors. Additionally, they have a lot of safety features like sewed-in waist and arm straps, as well as seams that are placed properly. Such type of jacket also has a tight fit in order to ensure proper aerodynamics and safety. More often than not, it also comes with a speed hump that is located on the back portion of the jacket. Such is included for aerodynamic improvement and neck fatigue prevention. Cruiser motorcycle jackets, on the other hand, are functional and fashionable products. They can be worn by regular motorcycle enthusiasts who love to have form-fitting leather or textile jackets. They are highly recommended to be worn during warm and humid weather conditions. That is due to the fact that they have great wicking and ventilating features.


Another type is the so-called touring motorcycle jacket. It is a loose fit jacket that can be worn for long rides and drives, as well as for different climates. Most touring motorcycle jackets have different straps that are adjustable, as well as liners or layers that are removable. They also have plenty of pockets, as well as built-in insulating and hydrating systems. The next type is the ADV motorcycle jacket. It is usually a breathable, protective, loose-fit, and waterproof jacket that is designed for people who love to ride and drive on mixed terrains for long days. It also has a lot of pocket spaces and removable under layers. Since this is intended for adventurers, the outer shell of the product is made with a tough material like a high-denier nylon material.

Getting good sleep may seem to be impossible for a lot of individuals. How will you be able to sleep well if you keep waking up at around 3 in the morning? Food for thought: sleep is something that you definitely can control. All you have to do is to follow some good habits and change your environment a little and you surely will get the sleep that you want! Researchers found that there is a particular set of health habits and environmental conditions that can help individuals achieve good sleep. Here are a few tips that you can try if you want to get sound sleep.

  1. Check the environment where you sleep.

The environment where you sleep plays an important role if you are working on getting sound sleep.

  • First, start with the mattress that you are sleeping on. Are you using an old mattress? If you are a mattress that’s more than 6 years old, then it’s about time to do an upgrade! Mattresses lose the integrity of their shape after 5 years and the longer you wait after that, the more your body suffers while you sleep!
  • Try to sleep with the lights turned on. The mind is conditioned to sleep when it does not detect light, and if it does, normally, your mind wakes up. This can be particularly hard for those who are working the graveyard shift. Try your best to cover the windows so light does not come in or try to use some eye patches to prevent the light from coming in.
  • Avoid working on your bed. When you work on your bed, your mind somehow gets conditioned that you are on working mode whenever you are on it. Make sure to do your work somewhere else so your mind will be all set on resting whenever you lay down on your bed.
  1. Develop healthy sleep-encouraging habits!

People think that you can easily fall asleep if you get tired enough during the day. But is that all that it takes? Are you guaranteed to have good sleep if you turned out stressed? Here are the best tips on how to fall asleep soundly with the help of health habits:

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks that can possibly keep you awake. If you can’t avoid it, make sure to avoid drinking it in the afternoon as it can keep you awake till night time.
  • Establish a ritual that you can do to condition your body for sleeping. You can ether take a bath or read a book. Do this regularly as this is a way of conditioning your mind that it is time to go to sleep.
  • Go to sleep when you are tired, don’t watch the time! Close your eyes of distress if you are having trouble sleeping.
  • Have a daily exercise. Exercise can help promote good sleep at night! Practice these tips and you may be able to get good sleep! For more details, check out this Hamuq mattress reviewtoday! Visit plexuscost.com for more details!


Multitrack recording (MTR), multitracking, double tracking, or tracking is a sound recording method that has been developed in 1955. It is a method wherein separate recordings of multiple sound sources can be joined together in one track. As an overview, sound recording has been around even before the 1950s. However, in order for a track to be completed, musicians and singers will perform several times until they reach the right music synchronization that they need. Thus, the process has been very tedious and time-consuming. The good thing is that in the early 1950s, an individual named Les Paul started experimenting on sound recording.


After such has been successful, in 1954, Ampex, a company that manufactures recorders, was convinced to produce a three-track recorder for him. The product was the first ever multitrack recorder produced. It was designed to allow the user to playback and record the vocals and music in a synchronized manner. Users were also able delete and rerecord every track without the inconvenience of affecting the other tracks. In the 1960s, four-track recorders have been popularized and were used by popular musicians like Beatles and Beach Boys. Nowadays, people can already find modern and more sophisticated multitrack recorders that can synch or link 24, 48, and 72 tracks.


The analog or tape-based multitrack recorder works by storing audio signals that have been synchronized on a magnetized tape. Such recorded and stored sounds can then be played again after a while. The good thing about analog machines is that the sound recorded can become more colorful when the sound engineer or technician adjusts and plays with the different tone, volume, rhythm, range, and frequency settings or levels of the sound. The best thing that people love about analog types is that they produce tracks with better width-per-track ratios and speeds. As an overview, individuals who will be looking into analog recorders should understand that the label on the equipment which says track refers to the maximum number of recordings that can be synchronized by the machine. Tape width, on the other hand, is that one that has an effect on audio quality and number of tracks.


The digital multitrack equipment, on the other hand, depends on recorded digital data and hard disk-based systems. Such is accomplished with the help of a computer and audio recording software. Meaning, a digital audio workstation (DAW) uses a computer and software to record, edit, and mix sounds or audios. Additionally, the microphone’s audio interface is connected to the computer so that such can be achieved. Additionally, users can also choose to use a separate mixer and connect it to the computer. The only problem with using digital recorders is the reality that computers have crash tendencies. Thus, the recordings can also be corrupted. However, this type is preferred by many because of the elimination of background noises and other undesirable artefacts that usually affect tracks recorded using the analog types.


Nevertheless, no matter what type of multitrack recorders people choose to purchase, it is always best to consider their needs, budgets, and wants. People who need to buy one can see the best multitrack recorder at multitrackhq.com.

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