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Air pollution nowadays is at its worst high and the situation is not seemingly going to get better in near future. As a result, the number of people getting affected by the airborne diseases is also on a rise. Even the indoor air quality is not safe for you anymore. The exposure to a lot of air pollutants inside our happy abode is also posing a great threat to many allergies and respiratory ailments to you and your loved ones inside the home. So keeping the air purifier has become the need of the hour and this has made the air purifier a necessary stuff at your home, it is in fact no more a luxury as it was used to be.

A good quality air purifier has that in it to protect your home from many contaminants in the air that causes many ailments in your home. Since it comes to the health and well-being of the family and self, you can never be casual in selecting this air purifier which is highly important for you and your family’s health. Also at the same time, the air purifier costs a decent sum of money to you hence the right product selection becomes very important as well.

The proper capacity of the filter holds the key to the success of the filter inside your home. The filter shall be so selected that it serves the room properly and the fresh air is served to every part of the room. In this regard, the manufacturer’s specification and its brochures will guide you through. To check it out you only need to know the length and breadth in of the room in feet you want to serve and simply multiply the both to get the square footage.  Lots of air purifier products declare how much square footage their product can serve efficiently and you can buy the one that suits your need.

When it comes to the quality of purification, then you need to do some qualitative research on some good quality products available. If you need to find protection against allergens then you should go for the ones with the HEPA filter system. To stay safe from contaminants causing asthma, you should go for the purifiers that filter the smoke and dust quite well. Also, there are filters with multi-tier cleaning or the ones that itself a combination of filtrations of several levels.

Some filters with ESP technology filters some pollutant particle by charging them and aging depositing them in some oppositely charged metal plates and causing the production of ozone as the by-product. You must avid picking such ones for your home, as no matter how small the ozone production is it shall never be allowed inside the home. Choosing the right purifier is not a great task as you might be thinking, but not choosing the right one may put your family’s health at risk and may not bring you the value for the money you spent on it.

There are many reasons why platelet counts drop below normal. But cancer patients are the ones who are most predisposed to it due to chemotherapy treatments and radiation. Such condition is termed medically as “thrombocytopenia”. And once your body’s platelet level drops below normal, your system’s ability to form clot will be also compromised. Other causes of thrombocytopenia include severe blood loss resulting from a severe injury.


Low platelet levels can be fatal. And the most horrible thing that can happen from it is internal bleeding. And you can read more about it here. Internal bleeding commonly occurs in the person’s brain and GIT. The sad fact is, medical practitioners will still need conduct series of tests before these bleedings are diagnosed. Meaning, much damage was already done before they can intervene. This leads to serious complications. Once the person passes out dark and tarry stool, this signified bleeding in one’s gastrointestinal tract. However, only a medical lab can analyze this through a stool sample.


And though the person is experiencing nausea and vomiting and severe headache, brain bleeding can only be confirmed once the person has gone through MRI or CT scan. Once the symptom is not treated, it can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and death.


Low platelet count can also cause petechiae to surface on your skin. These are tiny and flat red spots on the skin which results from the blood’s inability to clot, hence then seep closed to your skin or circulate into your mucous membrane. If you look at your corneas, you will notice that it will be flushed red. This is blood. Blood blisters may also form in your mouth. Gum bleeding and nosebleed can also be seen among individuals with low platelet levels. If the nosebleed or gum bleeding last for more than 10 minutes, you need to report it immediately. Any symptom of decreased platelet will avoid serious complications of thrombocytopenia.


If low platelet is a result of blood thinning administration like heparin, this can result in tamponade. Once your blood thins and platelet count goes lower than normal, there will be fluid accumulating in your heart’s surrounding since the muscles of the heart will lose its pumping ability. Once the fluid builds up, it compresses and squeezes your heart as well as its chambers. Among the symptoms of cardiac tamponade includes breathing difficulties, chest pain, confusion, and anxiety.


Longer bleeding time


Normally, bleeding stops when platelets work. However, with low platelet count, the bleeding time will be prolonged. Hence, when the cut is larger which results in more trauma; it can be fatal since it would result in a profuse bleeding. In such case, the physician will order platelet transfusion to correct the condition.


So, if you wonder if low platelet count is fatal, the answer is yes. Hence, any symptom noticed signifying of low platelet count must be treated seriously so further complications can be prevented. There are also natural methods to increase platelet level and you can find them at boostplateletcount.com.

Your car requires oil change from time to time. It is a common knowledge that a car has to change oil for every 3000 miles of traveling distance. In fact, you might feel worried if you fail to change your oil within the month. Also, some car mechanics highly recommend monthly change oils to prevent damaging your car’s engine. But, is it really the case? News and blog articles regarding synthetic oil are saying the contrary. Reports say that this type of oil can let your car run for more than 3000 miles without creating engine damages. It is one of the reasons this oil is becoming a popular option for car owners in the market. Then, what is the truth behind oil changing in a car? There are several conditions that can lead to damaging your car engine. If your car is under one of these conditions, you have to really change your oil between 3000 miles of the ride. Here it is.


1. Driving in a severe traffic under a hot weather.

2. Driving on short trips (approximately about 5 miles) during normal and freezing weather temperature.

3. Driving long distances at low speed.

4. Driving in harsh road conditions such as muddy, dusty, sandy or gravel paths.

5. Frequent towing a trailer and other carriers.


Now, if you are not driving in one of the above conditions, then, your car is free to change oil until it reaches 5000 miles of driving distance. Moreover, you can reach up to 7000 miles if you use synthetic oil. Then, the rule of 3000 miles seems to be a myth… Synthetic oil can improve the performance of your car better compared to conventional oil. The conventional oil loses its properties faster when in use. Thus, it will need frequent oil change which means you are going to flush more money with this type of oil. This is where the 3000 miles rule is based on.


However, car owners are reluctant to change from conventional oil to synthetic oils. They are worried that using synthetic oil might impact the car’s engine, especially for older models. For this reason, they stick to the oil they usually use and avoid facing the risk of trying new oils. Synthetic oil can do no damage to your car’s engine. It is far different from conventional ones. It does not lose its properties and stays sticky and flowing, even it reaches the 3000 miles supposed oil limit. Therefore, this type of oil can let your car engine stay lubricated for a long time. It also means lesser oil change expenditure.


Before buying synthetic oil, one thing you should know is that there are two types of it, the semi-synthetic and full synthetic oils. Each type of synthetic oil produces varying effects on the car’s performance. Thus, you have to check first on what type of synthetic oil suits your car before you decide on one. The Gear 4 Wheel can help you to pick out the right oil for your car. This site provides all information you need regarding car maintenance to car accessories.

Lift chairs are remarkable chairs that are specifically designed to promote easy mobility to elderlies and the physically impaired patients that are unable to sit or rise fast from the chair. These mobility devices are built with a powered lifting mechanism that enables to gradually lift the user in a standing position or allows them to sit with ease.
What is Lift Chair Mechanism?

While everyone is talking about the design of the lift chair mechanism, you should look deep into the chair’s functionality to ensure that you are buying the best quality product. So, what is a lift chair mechanism? According to the medical description, a lift chair is a mobility and motorized device that help the patient or any individual to stand up and sit down without the need for assistance. Going deep into the definition, when it comes to the term “mechanism” for the lift chair, it is different from the regular recliners. Reclining mechanisms are those that allow the chair’s backrest to recline and footrest to incline. A lifting mechanism, on the other hand, is powered by a motor, which allows the whole chair to tilt forward or do several repositioning options. In other words, the lifting mechanism is what separates the lift chair from the reclining chair.

How important is it to understand everything about the mechanism for a lifting chair?

You are probably asking why you need to know about the mechanism of a lifting chair? Simple, this is to know if your Medicare will cover your Lift Chair or not. According to the Medicare, the lift chair can be covered only if it describes the DME’s (Durable Medical Equipment) definition of medical equipment. In Medicare Part B, any equipment that can withstand years of use, and its functions can be derived from custom to primary, and is useful for people who are with illness or injury, is said to cover a portion in buying the medical equipment. So, how does the DME defines medical equipment? Below are the listed indications that the member’s purchase of lift chair will be covered by Medicare:

Indications for Medicare coverage:

  • The Medicare member is suffering from severe arthritis of the knee or hip
  • Unable to move well due to neuromuscular diseases such as, muscular dystrophy or Parkinson’s disease, or any other conditions that greatly affect the member’s mobility.
  • The member is having difficulties in rising from a regular couch with armchair without being assisted.
  • The member is using a cane or walker.

Conditions that do not cover Medicare:

  • The seat of the lift chair is operated by a spring release mechanism which causes a motion similar to a catapult that jolts the patient into a standing position.
  • The design of the lift chair does not qualify as medical equipment but as furniture.

The lift chair mechanism is not just a powerful motor used for mobility; it is a medical device that has a powerful use. Also, you may use your Medicare privileges to cover a portion of expenses in buying the chair; however, it should qualify the DME’s definition of medical equipment. If you are looking forward to buying these devices, you may read some lift chair reviews at Lift With Style’s website.


Human beings and other living organism are required to sleep. This natural function helps in replenishing the energy, reconstructing the cells and tissues and improve the health of a person. However, even how much an individual desire to rest and sleep peacefully at night, he or she could not do because of the poor quality mattress.


Mattresses are a necessary tool for you to sleep comfortably at night. It is designed to support your body and prevent painful back pains and joint pains after sleeping. But worn out and poor quality mattresses will make your sleep harder and painful. Do you experience the same thing with your mattress? If yes, then it is now time to change your mattress and replace it with a good one. You can follow this guideline to help you choose a top of the line and affordable mattress for your bedroom.


Mind the Size


Size does matter when it comes to mattresses. Of course, you would never want to buy a mattress that is too big or too small for your bedroom. If you do, your mattress will look outlandish and awkward in your room. Hence, check first your bed size before making any purchase. Do not buy the first mattress you see because it is attractive and goes with your budget. Ponder first your options and choose wisely.


What type of Sleeper are you?


Another important thing to consider when buying a mattress is to pick one that suits best for you. For instance, if you are allergic to dust and molds, select a hypoallergenic mattress. On the other hand, if you suffer from back pains and joint pains, go for a mattress that relieves pressure points and controls temperature to prevent stop feeling the excruciating pain you feel every morning after waking up. Using this guideline to buy a mattress will support you to make the best decisions. Also, you will never regret your purchase at all.


Consider Unique Mattress Features


Various manufacturers of today embed unique features in their mattresses to provide more to consumers. From hypoallergenic, organic, temperature adjustable and advanced sleep technology are available in the market nowadays. Thus, in choosing a mattress to buy, see for these features and select what you need the most. In addition, a mattress with high-quality Gel Memory Foam is another characteristic you should not miss.


See Mattress Quality


Mattresses come in a wide array of softness and firmness. It is up to your choice on which suits your preference. However, remember to check the quality of the mattress you are planning to buy before making any purchase. See to it that it will not immediately shrink after using a few times or feel uncomfortable while you sleep. The quality of a mattress is based on the foam it uses and its thickness. Therefore, the best option you have is to buy a mattress with thick Gel Memory Foam if you want to have a luxurious and healthy sleep. Remember that price matters in choosing the right mattress for your bed. Learn more about the best mattress for less than $500 at Sensei Reviews’ website.

Wastes are part of our life. We can never spend a day without creating one. And since this has been a part of human existence, the least that we can do is to find ways how to properly dispose it. Each has the responsibility to look for the best garbage disposal to preserve our environment while maintaining proper sanitation at the same time.

Today, there are various ways to manage garbage disposal and they provide many options to protect the Earth from the damages that this rubbish can cause to Mother Nature. Below are some of them:

  1. Incineration

This is the process where waste materials are destroyed through burning. This involves organic substance combustion of waste materials. The other term for this is a high-temperature waste treatment or “thermal treatment”. Through this process, your garbage is transformed into ash, heat and flue gas. Many find this method efficient since it turns bulky piles of garbage crashed waste products and reduce them to pieces. With incineration, the volume of wastes is significantly reduced to 95-96%.

  1. Recycling

Through this method, wastes do not end up on the garbage but they are reused through a recycling process. Meaning, the material is restored to its previous state before it turned as garbage. Another term for this is to “reprocess”, “reuse”, “reclaim, “reprocess”, “recover” or “reclaim”.

The ultimate goal for this is to avoid putting useful materials to waste and limiting the use of fresh raw materials. This saves energy usage and prevents water pollution caused by landfills. It also lowers the amount of garbage for incineration, thus, reducing air pollution at the same time. Recycling is therefore perceived as environmentally friendly ways of waste disposal.

  1. Composting

This is allowing nature to recycle waste materials. These wastes are the biodegradable organic wastes like the manure, food waste, grass trimmings, wood, paper, feathers and many others. With this, there will be less garbage going to the landfill. And since this is an easy process, a lot of homes opt for this type of waste disposal, especially those living in rural areas. When garbage trucks seldom visit the area for garbage collection, composting is a wise alternative to get rid of waste products at home. But more than that, this also offers an efficient solution to decompose organic wastes and use them as fertilizers or nutrient-rich dung.

  1. Landfill

This is a designated dumpsite where garbage trucks throw all the wastes they have collected from business establishments and homes. It is sometimes called as “dumping ground”, “garbage dump” and many others. This can be harmful to the environment since the chemical wastes buried underneath the ground can seep into the source of water systems that distribute waters to adjacent homes. As much as possible, efforts will be exhausted to decrease the amount of garbage landing into this place, otherwise, this will endanger Mother Nature and cause a major problem in the days to come.

Remember that you are responsible for the garbage that you throw. So, make sure that you do this task wisely.

Shiatsu massage is the best way to improve your blood circulation, release stress and boost your health. You can avail this therapeutic massage by finding the best deluxe massage chair. Choosing an excellent massage chair is never easy. Buying before considering your options can be a regretful action especially if you get to purchase a low-quality massage chair. Thus, to avoid this from happening, get to know these massage chairs from https://www.massagetut.com.


L-Track Kahuna


The L-Track Kahuna massage chair offers comfort at best. This luxurious massage chair features a full body zero gravity technique which is the most advanced technology of massage chairs. It allows you to experience a high-quality stress relieving massage without spending a lot of money in a high-end spa or hiring the skills of an expert massage therapist. The L-Track Kahuna is composed of a built-in control panel with several functions to let you choose the type of massage you want. Thus, whether you want a soothing massage or an invigorating one, all you have to do is sit on this massage chair and press specific buttons. In addition, this massage chair is guaranteed safe to use. It has an FDA accreditation, plus, offers three years warranty to consumers.




Shiatsu massage is one of the best physical therapeutic techniques for fighting stress and releasing depression. According to the study of European Shiatsu Foundation, 65 percent of individuals claimed to have better sleep at night and has improved concentration after a massage session. If your goal is to let yourself be free of stress without spending money on massage therapies, you can buy Relaxonchair to have an unlimited massage experience in the comfort of your home. The Relaxonchair features powerful massage rollers that can knead and ease tense muscles. Moreover, it has a zero gravity technology that makes your massage more invigorating. Also, if you constantly suffer from back pains, this massage chair is the best one to invest in since Relaxonchair has a Buttlock L-Tracking massage system. Real Relax If you are quite short on the budget, yet still dreaming of having a quality and deluxe massage chair, try to see this creation from Real Relax. The Real Relax is a reclining shiatsu massage chair that has two preset programs to select from. Furthermore, this brand of massage chair has 50 airbags wherein 35 of it cushions around the shoulders, arms, thighs, and legs. Since Real Relax has more airbags than other brands of massage chair, this product can provide better stress releasing and pain-relieving massage. This chair works whether you are short or tall since it has an adjustable height.


Ideal Massage


The Ideal Massage is one of the best-selling reclining massage chairs on the market. It is sought out by many consumers due to its high-quality and powerful shiatsu massage only at a low price. This massage chair can work up to 30 minutes without interruption. In addition, its massage programs are human like which makes it more attractive to invest in. This massage chair also has a zero gravity feature that boosts comfort while providing a deep tissue massage.

Did you know that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on bathroom remodeling? Sometimes, new fixtures, accent pieces, and new tiles are all that’s needed to turn the look of your bathroom around. However, before we get to bathroom tiles, let’s touch up on the fixtures and accent pieces first.

Modern bathrooms are minimalist, which means there’s less clutter to be found inside. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is spacious. A minimalist bathroom is one with sleek lines and understated beauty. Instead of having a bathtub inside, install a walk-in shower with a glass encasement. Add a bench at one end and a caddy to hold your bath essentials. Then, install a shower panel with a large rainfall shower head and multiple jets with flow control for the optimum massaging effect every time you shower. This source https://walkinshowers.org/6-incredible-rainfall-shower-head-examples.html will provide you with some of the best rainfall shower heads you can get your hands on.

For accent pieces, do away with a vanity and a counter. Instead, use a pedestal sink and have floating shelves installed to hold different odds and ends. If you must have a vanity, opt for a floating one instead. A solitary cabinet to hold bath linens is enough.

As for the bathroom tiles, check out these simple suggestions:

Single Color

If you want to imbibe simplicity in the bathroom, choose bathroom tiles with one solid color. Installing just one color and design on your bathroom walls and floors makes the bathroom look clean and gives the illusion of a much bigger space. While it’s generally nice to install the tiles in a straight order, try to give a different effect by placing them in such a manner that you’ll create a diamond shape. Ceramic tiles, in particular, come in different shapes and sizes of the same color and design. To create a unique style for your bathroom, lay differently shaped tiles (ex. hexagon) along with the regular square tiles on the walls and floors.

Checkerboard Pattern

This is yet another simple yet appealing design for your shower area especially if you’re aiming for a modern look. To bring this design to life, you need to have tiles of two different colors. If you take a look at checkerboard-patterned bathrooms, you’ll find that white tiles are usually combined with another color, usually of a much darker shade. Black, red, and blue typically give a nice effect. 

Tile Rug Patterns

If you want a unique look for your bathroom, creating rug patterns of different sizes will help you achieve that. Tile rug patterns are among the most interesting mosaic tile designs you can create for your bathroom. If you want a really eye-catching tile bathroom design on the floor, you can create a single big rug design with mosaic tiles in the middle of your bathroom floor. Then, you can opt to add small-sized tile rugs on the other areas for a fuller effect.

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom can be quite a challenge. Sure there are lots of tile bathroom designs in the market. Since you want a modern, minimalist look for your bathroom, opt for a single color or checkerboard pattern. You’d be surprised how your bathroom tiles will bring your shower implements and accent pieces to life.



Ageing is inevitable but you can always look younger than your age. This is the reason why beauty products have become a multi-million dollar trade nowadays. This also implies that majority of people are concerned about how they look and they are willing to pay the price of looking young for a longer period of time. So many patronize today’s skin products and sadly, many ended up failing in their goal to look better. This can mean that topical applications may never suffice. You will need to work hard in your diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications to get the desired look that you want. This is the reason why “Ageless Body System” came out in the market these days. This program focuses on the proven facts about beauty and aging. It revolves around nutrition and the reversing aging effects, all based on scientifically proven processes.

How the program works

The Ageless Body System helps its participants to develop discipline so they will have control in various aspects of their skin. And the program works on this by going back to the main cause of aging itself and this is dehydration. Once the elastin and collagen will increase, your skin will restore its youthful looks. And this is where the program works on. Once dehydration issue is solved, many years will be taken off from your skin. This will also improve the looks of your nails and your hairs. It aims to hydrate your skin on a cellular level and act on the surface of the skin to get rid of lines and wrinkles. The program also has the fat Loss Edition which contains expert advice from dietitians and nutritionist which effectively helps you lose excess weight, restoring your good health along the process. And because the program employs the latest advances in nutrition and Science, you will have most of the advantage. This type of program is indeed one of its kinds since it works not only on the outside but focuses on the anti-aging process too.

What to expect from the program

If you receive any Ageless Body system review, you will learn that the product has proven its claims. And the thing is, it helps you find a cheaper option to stay young and beautiful. There is no need to invest on very expensive beauty products. You will be taught how to use organic methods and natural products which you can easily find in grocery stores or even in your home. And this will be enough to counter the effects of aging on your skin. And unlike all the cosmetic products, the effects of these natural products are more lasting.

With Ageless Body System, you can get rid of the lines on your face and forehead. It also increases the firmness of your skin and improves the health of your hair, skin, and nails as a whole. It reduces the dark circles under your eyes, fade age spots and increase the level of your collagen. It also increases your energy at the same time.

If you want to know the truthfulness all these claims then may as well try using Ageless Body System Program and see for yourself.


It’s quite ironic and unfortunate that in an era where people have to sit down for several hours every single day, medical researchers found out that sitting is a ticking time bomb. It poses so many health risks, some of which are not even directly related to spine health, which is unbelievably scary. But modern society requires many of us to sit around for at least eight hours every day, whether in a corporate office or a drawing desk at home, the options seem to be pretty limiting. There are standing desks available, but in all honesty, people who buy standing desks end up buying adjustable ones because they find out sooner or later that standing while working is not very practical or sustainable for the entire day.

Another way to reduce the detrimental effects of sitting is by sticking to an exercise routine. But in all honesty, it’s not something that most people will fully embrace, not even if it is extremely effective at counteracting the negative effects of heart risks. Fortunately, there’s a rather simple and effective solution to this. Anti-gravity chairs provide a myriad of benefits that can help the body in negating the ill effects of sitting down. It sounds ridiculous and ironic, but yes, a chair can reduce the dangers of sitting. But in order to avoid confusion, one must not merely consider anti-gravity chairs as normal chairs. After all, they cost significantly more than any regular chair, even more than traditional recliners.

Anti-gravity chairs offer a different level of comfort and relaxation in a way that it’s completely different from sitting. It’s impressive that by simply adjusting how the body is angled when sitting down, the detrimental effect is nullified and to a considerable extent, treated. The mechanics of sitting down puts a lot of stress on the spine. More so if the person is not keen on proper posture. Reclining is a little bit more forgiving for the back, but can still put some stress on the lumbar area because of the rather unusual angle. In the case of anti-gravity chair, stress on the spine is a non-issue. This is because it’s designed to distribute the body’s weight evenly across its surface. It may look like a typical recliner, but the simple difference in angles and materials provide innumerable benefits.

From lung problems to the risk of disk slips, sitting is a serious concern that should be addressed by anyone who sits more than four hours a day, which makes it practically every single person on the planet.

Anti-gravity chairs do feel luxurious, but that feeling of luxury and relaxation should not make a person think for one second that it’s a luxury item. It is a necessary household equipment when the context of modern living is taken into account. However, it’s not a good idea to jump right in and buy one without doing any serious research. Find a reliable review site and read more here about certain brands of anti-gravity chairs. Like any product or service, anti-gravity chairs are not created equal. And with health in mind, it’s absolutely necessary to end up buying one that can live up to its claims.


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