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Tea and coffee are probably the two most popular beverages around the world. Many people prefer to start their day with a cup of coffee or tea and it has become a ritual to many around the world. Coffee for that matter has been close to most Americans to start their day with. It is believed that a good cup of coffee helps you liberate from the grogginess while they wake up in the morning and prepares them for a productive day ahead.

Apart from the cup of coffee you love to have after leaving the bed, coffee lovers prefer to have few more cups during a break at work, while meeting with buddies at a coffee shop or while watching the news on TV while seating on the couch as well. Here one thing crosses my mind that won’t it be better if you could have a coffee maker with you at your place so that you can relish your favorite drink whenever you have a craving or whatever the way you want it in. It’s a brilliant idea to have a coffee maker with you in your kitchen or the pantry of your office and that idea has also has been supported by many expert reviewers in their blogs and websites like KitchenPerkUps.com and others.

Since we have started talking about having one coffee maker of our own, its time we should learn the hoards of benefit it does hold for us. For me, the first benefit I could see is a small daily saving that could turn out to be a decent sum at the end of the year. Let us take an example, even if you drink one cup of coffee each day at a coffee shop you are shedding around two to three dollars more than what you would have spent otherwise at your home with the coffee maker. If we calculate for the same for the entire year, this sum certainly would be around a thousand dollars if not more. In addition to that if you are an avid coffee lover who drinks four or five cups a day, then you can easily calculate the savings you would make if you do it in your kitchen.

Another big advantage of having coffee made at your one place is also saving time and money by avoiding the commute to the coffee shop from your home or the place of work. You could save a substantial amount of time and a decent sum of money on the gas you would have otherwise burnt by commuting to the shop. You can very well use that time for some productive work or self-improvement. Apart from the saving in a previous couple of forms, you can pretty much have whatever coffee you like by making it yourself. If your regular coffee shop does not have that option, you will no longer be missing it as you can make it yourself.

And last but not the least, to your great liking, the lovely aroma of coffee made in the morning will last long in your kitchen.