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Did you work hard in life and never found the time to pursue your dreams and your passions? Have you recently decided that it is time for you to put yourself and the things you want on the first place, which is why you now spend most of your time writing lyrics for rap songs? Have you checked the lyrics with a professional and you’ve been told that you have the skills, the talent and the potential to make it on the rap market? Well, why don’t you then put the lyrics on appropriate beats? Even though you don’t have any beats available or the necessary tools to produce your own beats, this doesn’t mean that you should stop. The online market is packed with ready to use beats for rap songs, so check out the offer. There are high quality instrumentals available here but you don’t have to trust our word; you can check out the offer available on websites such as Bogo Beats and you can also check out the list of tips and tricks below, tips and tricks which have the role to guide you towards wise investments.

So, if you want to wisely invest your money in quality rap songs, you should:

  • Understand how a license works. Simple licenses are very cheap, not more than $20 but the producer, who will continue to be the owner of the beat, can sell it as many times as he wants. An exclusive license is very expensive but if you need the beat in order to release an album, you can be sure that you won’t hear the same beat somewhere else, as the producer cannot sell it again.
  • Make sure that the website is a trustworthy one. Does it have third party trust symbols such as PayPal verified? Does it have positive feedback from former customers? If ‘’yes’’ is the answer to both of these questions, you can use this website as source for your beats.
  • Check out the catalogue and listen to the samples. The name of a beat shouldn’t tell you anything. The name of a beat doesn’t necessarily mean that the instrumental will actually match your song’s story and lyrics.

Follow the tips and tricks above and you will manage to wisely invest your money. You will notice that there is a very wide selection of beats available, which can make you feel a bit confused and overwhelmed in the beginning but you will also notice that there are a lot of websites that you should not trust. This will reduce the selection available and make your job easier. If you follow the tricks above, then your job is going to become much easier and you can be sure that you will end up wisely investing your money. You might now feel like there are too many details to consider but if you take them one by one, you will better understand them and you’ll be able to efficiently apply them. In the end, your goal is a quality beat available for a fair price rate.