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For the general public, women and men alike, using regular mirrors when putting on makeup is the norm. However, for those who use makeup on a daily basis, or does so as part of their career, the typical mirror is never enough. Not even ones that are found in most dressers. On the surface, it seems silly that makeup application demands a special kind of mirror. However, anyone who has been putting on makeup using the usual mirror just might surprise themselves once they get the chance to use a makeup mirror. They might no longer be able to go back to using the usual flat-surfaced mirror at all.

So what makes a makeup mirror different? As clued in previously, makeup mirrors aren’t flat. They are slightly concave. This provides a better angle of vision when putting on makeup on the side of the face. Ever noticed how difficult it is to check if makeup is properly applied on the cheeks? It’s hard to keep looking at the corner of the eyes. The slight concave of makeup mirrors provides the means to view the side of the face easily. This is referred to, at least in technical terms, the incident angle.

For those who have tried using makeup mirrors and are now convinced of getting one, or for anyone who are already convinced of its advantages in putting on makeup, it’s important to consider some factors first. Here are some things to think about before getting on from the local store or buying online.

  1. Two Sides.

What can two-sided mirrors offer anyway? Isn’t a mirror with two sides ridiculous? No, not really. It’s only outrageous when the mirror has the same surface and magnification on both sides. A two-sided mirror should offer variability wherein one side can offer the typical flat-surfaced mirror while the other has the distinct concave surface of a makeup mirror. Or both sides can be concave, but have different levels of magnification. Check out the best makeup mirrors with 360° rotation on reliable merchant sites.

  1. Magnification Level.

Anyone who puts on makeup on a regular basis understands the importance of precision. After all, it’s infuriating to keep botching up the application just because the mirror isn’t able to provide a clearer reflection. Magnified makeup mirrors can help in improving precision. Putting on eyeliners, for example, requires a steady hand and a bigger reflection for better reference. Of course, too much magnification isn’t going to be any more useful than it has to be. Choosing carefully is the key.

  1. Addition of Lighting.

Makeup mirrors are made specifically for improving the precision and quality of putting on cosmetics. No question about that. This is why it’s never unusual to find makeup mirrors sold on the Internet or at local shops to have lights added to them. Usually, these days, the lighting fixture is LED. This option for lighting fixture provides the best in getting the most out of the battery’s power capacity. And most importantly, LED doesn’t get hot enough to affect makeup.

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