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Do you need a guitar pick to play guitar or can you use your fingers? Find out which one here.

One of the most frequently asked beginner’s questions about guitar playing is whether to use a guitar pick or not.

The truth is, choosing between flat-picking and fingerstyle matters on personal choice. You can play the guitar using your fingers, but you can also enhance the acoustics by using a guitar pick.

What are finger-style and flat-picking guitar playing?

Finger-style guitar playing is using your right or left-hand fingers to pluck or strum the strings. Some guitar players would use three of their fingers to play the guitar; dominantly, the thumb, index, and middle finger. However, some individuals are using each finger to pluck the strings.

Flat-picking guitar playing uses a plectrum or a pick to pluck or strum the strings. The pick is made either from plastic, nylon, wood, or any flexible material. The small guitar accessory can be in any size, shape, and thick. Several professional guitar players consider these guitar accessories essentials when they need to perform or casually playing the guitar.

Which technique is the easiest?

The easiest way for a beginner to play the guitar is the finger-style by strumming – it is basic. If you start to get comfortable with guitar pinching or playing the chords or notes and produce the right tune by strumming, you may start learning how to use the pick.

Before trying out the plucking guitar technique, you should consider learning how to strum the guitar using the pick. If you have learned how to use the pick and learned how to love using it, you may start learning how to pluck each string using the pick. The last guitar technique you should consider learning is guitar plucking using your fingers. This guitar technique can be very tricky for starters. So, if you are still struggling with guitar strumming using a pick, do not think of skipping the basics.

Can you do both?

Yes; you can.

In fact, there are a lot of professional guitar players or even versatile musicians who can do both guitar techniques. However, if you are a beginner, it is always advisable to master a guitar technique that is easy to learn before considering a more confusing technique.

How to become an expert in guitar playing using a pick?

Learn these various techniques using a pick; you may learn how to play them separately or in combination:

  • Strumming with a pick
  • Down picking
  • Alternate picking
  • Sweep picking
  • Economy picking
  • Hybrid picking

To learn each technique, you must consider your strength and current skills in guitar playing. And to become an expert, you should practice a lot.

Try watching video tutorials or get an expert to help you learn how to play the guitar well. And if in doubt, always encourage yourself not to give up learning how to play the guitar no matter how difficult it is.