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Are you planning to purchase subwoofers for your home theater audio system? There are several factors to consider more than its subjective aspects such as size, shape, power ratings, and more but its objectives too. Check this post to know about it more.

Subwoofers are speakers but designed to pick up and deliver bass tunes that are oftentimes critical to the quality of sound production of the movie you watch or music that you love to listen to. And when it comes to purchasing a subwoofer there are more factors to consider other than the driver size, power ratings, overall design, and advanced controls. You also need to consider the following 5 objective factors that will help you choose the best home theater subwoofers:

#1: Designed with an outstanding low-frequency extension

One of the most critical features of a subwoofer is its ability to deepest bass tones; you can consider a subwoofer best if it can deliver outstanding low-frequency extension.

Technically speaking, a subwoofer that can deliver below 20Hz, which is below the threshold of human hearing, is one of the best. These subwoofers will present the artist’s or the director’s intention on audio production, providing sense to the background beats. And you can call a subwoofer “the best” if it can deliver clear and distinct deep bass notes or tones.

How will you know that a subwoofer has incredible low-frequency extension? An outstanding subwoofer can deliver EDM bass drop smoothly and will maintain its output levels. Check our top picks of the best home theater subwoofers to deliver outstanding low-frequency extensions.

#2: Can handle highest SPLs (Sound Pressure Levels)

No matter how demanding the audio production is, a world-class subwoofer can deliver smooth, loud, and distortion-free bass tones. Technically, a well-designed subwoofer can handle the demands of high levels of volume and can maintain its output levels. For instance, if you still feel that chest-thumping energy for every high SPLs coming from the explosions of the war movie that you are watching, this means the subwoofer you are using can deliver the deepest bass notes.

#3: Can deliver an accurate frequency response

A well-built and well-designed subwoofer can deliver accurate frequency response or the exact amount of bass tones at the right pitch or stay completely faithful to the audio score. Also, accurate subwoofers should have clear and distortion-free bass extensions of what the speakers are producing.

#4: Can pinpoint speed when in a change in momentum

One of the best features of the best home theater subwoofer is its ability to pinpoint speed or its ability to easily change in momentum of “stop and start on a dime”. Technically, a good subwoofer can seamlessly blend in with the speaker, even from slow audio to an aggressive pace.

#5: Can seamlessly blend with speakers

A world-class subwoofer does not steal the show but boosts the audio production. In other words, subwoofers do not overwhelm the soundstage or distracting the audio production while it energizes the entire audio experience.

Additional Advice

When in doubt about which brand of a subwoofer to choose, you should always read reliable reviews and posts like this.