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A job interview is one of the crucial and powerful job-seeking-phases that will determine if the applicant is qualified or not. In most cases, the success of the initial job interview is based upon the applicant’s behavior, wit, and confidence. Even though it may seem easy to accomplish, there are certain scenarios where the interviewers are going overboard with their questions, making it more difficult to answer and pass the interview.

Professionally, the interviewer follows interview guidelines to test if the aspirants are culturally and professionally fit for the position. However, not all questions that are poked to the applicants are based on the guidelines. In order to extract the candidate’s strength and weaknesses, some interviewers will ask questions that are considered personal and off limits. Thus, due to the conflict of interests, some of these questions would cause misunderstandings and confusion between the interviewer and the applicant.

Here are the top questions that you are legally allowed not to answer and some tips on how to dodge these illegal questions:

1. Do you have any physical or mental disabilities?

Being asked with this type of question is considered breaking the “Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990”, where there is an obvious discrimination of people with disabilities. According to the law, it is insignificant to disqualify an applicant due to his or her disabilities. However, this law can be placed null and void if the employer proves that the applicant’s disability can cause a problem or hinders him or her from performing the task very well.

Nonetheless, to dodge this type of question and not getting any demerits, you can simply say that “My having disabilities or not, will neither cause any problems nor will hinder my ability to work with efficiency.” However, if they insist, you may click here on the things you can legally do against it.

2. Are you a citizen of USA?

According to “The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986”, disqualifying an applicant due to his or her residency is against the law; however, if he or she does not have any permit to work in the US, the law can be placed null and void.

So, here is some advice on how to dodge it like a true professional, “I have been and legally lived too many places, but I am currently allowed to work here in the US if that is what you are trying to ask.”

3.  What is your religion?

Inquiries about religion and beliefs are considered sensitive issues; asking such discriminatory question is punishable by the law. In case you are asked about your religion, here is one answer you can provide them, “I am aware and confident that my beliefs and religion will neither cause any working inefficiency nor will hinder my willingness to learn and function well on the position that I am applying for.”

Final Words

There are other questions that are considered illegal and inappropriate during interviews; however, since it is unavoidable during interviews, all you need to do is pack enough courage and knowledge about your rights and some right answers on how to dodge those sensitive questions during an interview.

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