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It is a known fact that personal protective gears are necessary and required for people who are riding and driving a motorcycle. As an overview, most countries have laws wherein a motorcycle rider and driver who will not be wearing one will be jailed and/or penalized with a huge amount of money. Sometimes, their driving licenses will also be revoked and the motorcycle will be impounded. Apart from it being a legal obligation, wearing protective gears is also beneficial to individuals. Such is due to the fact that such can prevent the occurrence of serious injuries in case they will be involved in traffic or road accidents. The good thing is that there are already a lot of protective gears, from head to feet that are being sold in the market.


An important gear that motorcycle riders and drivers should have is a motorcycle jacket. Obviously, it is a gear that is responsible for protecting the upper body of the individuals. Looking further, it protects some of the most subtle parts of the body like the arms, ribs, spinal column, and the vital organs like the liver and the lungs. Generally speaking, motorcycle jackets can be made with leather or textile materials, as well as a combination of the two. People who will be looking for a list of the best motorcycle jackets will also find out that motorcycle jackets have different types based on their usage. One of which is the racing motorcycle jacket. As the name implies, it is a jacket that is recommended for people who love to race or use their motorcycles for sports.


Racing motorcycle jackets usually come with different types of armors. Additionally, they have a lot of safety features like sewed-in waist and arm straps, as well as seams that are placed properly. Such type of jacket also has a tight fit in order to ensure proper aerodynamics and safety. More often than not, it also comes with a speed hump that is located on the back portion of the jacket. Such is included for aerodynamic improvement and neck fatigue prevention. Cruiser motorcycle jackets, on the other hand, are functional and fashionable products. They can be worn by regular motorcycle enthusiasts who love to have form-fitting leather or textile jackets. They are highly recommended to be worn during warm and humid weather conditions. That is due to the fact that they have great wicking and ventilating features.


Another type is the so-called touring motorcycle jacket. It is a loose fit jacket that can be worn for long rides and drives, as well as for different climates. Most touring motorcycle jackets have different straps that are adjustable, as well as liners or layers that are removable. They also have plenty of pockets, as well as built-in insulating and hydrating systems. The next type is the ADV motorcycle jacket. It is usually a breathable, protective, loose-fit, and waterproof jacket that is designed for people who love to ride and drive on mixed terrains for long days. It also has a lot of pocket spaces and removable under layers. Since this is intended for adventurers, the outer shell of the product is made with a tough material like a high-denier nylon material.

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