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Men are perceived as very simple human beings. A man doesn’t want much to be happy. A man gets attracted to a woman due to very few things such as the physical appearance, the way a lady carries themselves and the character. This is all a man wants, and they start developing feelings for the woman.

Ladies are however different. You may be tall, handsome and rich but women keep running away from you for reasons you do not know. To try and shed some light on this, below we discuss What qualities do women like in men:


Women will first notice you because of how attractive you are. They want a man that is well groomed, a man with a good sense of fashion and a man keeps his hair neatly cut. Studies have shown that women love men with facial hairs such as beards. They say that it adds to the cuteness on a man.


Women want a man that will choose them anytime over other women. They want someone who enjoys their company to other women’s company. They don’t want always to be worried about being cheated on. They want to feel safe and sure that even on a month-long business trip, no random woman will capture your attention. They will test this on your first date. The way you look at that beautiful waitress will tell the woman a lot.


Women want a man who is with them because they are ready. Most men start dating a woman to get intimate with her. When this is done, they begin to relax. Women will quickly notice this. Ladies want a guy who acts and behaves like they are ready for the relationship. Someone who will not mind to go out on dinner dates with the woman.A person who wants to meet the lady’s friends and relatives with no fear.

4.The sense of humor

Women always want a guy who is confident and has a sense of humor. A man that sees the humor in everything the lady does and also makes the lady smile. All this comes with confidence. As a man, you must be confident and attentive to everything your woman does. This makes them feel happy and wanted.


Women want your support. May it be mutual, financial or emotional. They want someone who believes in their dreams. Show them full support on what they are doing. Unleash the power in her. This makes any woman feel wanted. Feeling wanted is the goal of any woman.

The above are just some of the qualities women like in men. They are the qualities that make a woman want you badly and stick by you despite the waves.