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Diabetes is a manageable condition if you are mindful of what you eat and drink. This medical condition requires you to know the amount of carbohydrates you consume and their influence on your blood sugar. Some drinks have dangerous effects and while others may not have any effect. Choosing the right drinks could improve your health and avoid more harm. We agree that when it comes to choosing drinks, it is a bit tricky if you have diabetes. That is why we decided to compose this informative article. Here are some of the drinks you should consume.

Low-fat milk

Although milk is good, not all types of milk are useful if you have diabetes. Milk with a high amount of sugar per serving for example sweetened milk is not suitable. Drinking low-fat milk can be helpful. This is because dairy products have valuable minerals. A glass or two could be enough in a day. It is also beneficial to avoid milk high in carbohydrates and total fat.


While high blood sugar causes dehydration, water does a great role in hydrating the body, and it is the right option if you have diabetes. Drinking plenty of water can assist the body in getting rid of extra glucose through urine. Eight and ten glasses a day are recommended for women and men respectively. And if drinking this amount of water in a day appears an uphill task, consider adding some slices of orange or lemon to your drink. You can also crush some fresh raspberries to your water.


When it comes to coffee, experts recommend drinking black coffee because it has fewer calories and carbs per serving and is less likely to raise your blood sugar. Also, research shows that two to three cups of coffee in a day might help to reduce the risk of developing diabetes type 2. But it should also remain unsweetened, and without cream to avoid adding calories that could increase the blood sugar levels.

Carrot juice

This is one of the best drinks that you shouldn’t ignore. It is a natural remedy for several diseases. It is rich in plant insulin which can limit obesity and diabetes risk as well as lower blood sugar. Additionally, carrots are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber which are exceptionally good for anyone with diabetes. This is because they help to improve immunity and keep the body healthy. However, carrots have a glycemic index, and therefore you should limit the amount of carrot juice you consume or consult your doctor.


Based on recent research findings, green tea has beneficial effects on your overall health. It can lower your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels. Research also recommends drinking six cups a day as they may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Final verdict

Though fruit juices are safe to consume, they contain a significant amount of sugar which can cause blood sugar levels to shoot up. It would be good to consider consuming moderate amounts of fruit juices or as advised by the medical doctor.