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There are many reasons why there’s no sound coming from your screen that is connected to a home theater system. Find out how to troubleshoot no sound issues below. 

Home Cinema

The visuals on the screen are the reason why you get immersed in the movie. However, it is the booming sound that allows you to feel the movie or music. The sonic performance of a home theater system is what seals a wonderful movie experience.

There are instances when your screen that is connected to a home theater system does not have any audio coming from any of the speakers. It is a common issue that many home theater systems experience from time to time. Though it is a minor problem, it can be annoying, especially when you’re in the middle of watching your favorite movie or while having a mini party with your friends.

How to Fix No Audio from TV 

If your screen produces no sound or has intermittent audio, follow these simple steps on troubleshooting audio problems.

#1 Check the Volume

Sometimes the audio problem comes from a minor issue on the volume controls. Inspect the home theater receiver settings. Chances are you might have accidentally put the audio on mute or lower the volume. Take note that some receivers have a muting button without an indicator lamp. Also, you probably set the knob to low, which is the reason why you’re hearing minimal to no audio at all. If that is the reason, reset the volume settings.

#2 Inspect the Source Settings

Some televisions and receivers require different input or source settings to display a picture and produce sound. Make sure to go over the system’s manual to find out the correct input of the equipment.

To change the source settings on the screen, you need to locate the input button on your tv remote control. Then, press the input button and look through available sources displayed on the screen. Once you find a source, select and test it out.

#3 See if the TV is connected to the Home Theater Speakers

Check if your screen is connected to the speaker system. Generally, you can connect home theater speakers using HDMI. However, newer models utilize wireless connections. Thus, determine the available connectivity options of the home theater system and choose one that is compatible with your television.

To connect a television to a home theater system, you can follow this guideline from the Home Cinema Effect.

#4 Check the Cables

A loosely connected cable could be the culprit why there’s no audio coming from any of your speakers. Also, it could be that one of the cables is damaged. Hence, take time to check each audio cable and look for errors. Of course, before checking any cabling, double-check if the receiver is powered off. The last thing you’d want is to get electrocuted while doing the task.

If the audio cable is damaged beyond repair, the best thing to do is replace the cable. You can find a replacement from local stores near you or online. But make sure the cable is compatible with your home theater system.