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Have you heard about induction rice cookers?

This cookware has been gaining popularity over the past year. It is famous for being the latest technology in rice cooking.

But what makes induction rice cookers an excellent addition to your kitchen?

What is an Induction Rice Cooker?

As its name suggests, this cookware utilizes induction technology to cook rice. If you have an induction cooktop at home, for sure, you are familiar with this technology. But for newbies out there, here is a brief explanation of how this stuff works.

How Does Induction Rice Cooker Works? 

An induction rice cooker takes precision on another level. The features of this high-tech cookware are perfect for all individuals who take their rice seriously.

In a regular rice cooker, the heat is applied directly from an electrical plate which is under the inner cooking pan. An induction cooker applies heat coming from the alternating electric current from the wall outlet.

In induction cooking, the current passes through the metal coils and generates a magnetic field. The rice cooker’s pan is inserted inside this magnetic field. It produces electrical current inside the cooking to produce heat. This process is called hysteresis wherein magnetic materials resist to fast-paced changes in magnetic level. This phenomenon creates friction which generates cooking heat.

Using an induction rice cooker has more accurate temperature-sensing methods. Moreover, the heat distribution is even resulting in flavorful and better-textured rice.

If you search d the internet for induction rice cookers, you’ll see that there are several brands of this item on the market. It is difficult to find one brand to trust. First off, you have to spend cash to get this item. Mind that an induction rice cooker is not cheap. That is the reason why you should consult product review sites like Induction Pros before buying an induction cookware product.

Why Consider Zojirushi Induction Rice Cooker?

One of the reputable names in this industry is Zojirushi. This brand has been distributing prime kitchen appliances in the US for 31 years. They are famous for manufacturing innovative and durable kitchen products.

Their latest product is the Zojirushi induction rice cooker NP-NVC10. But the question is why you should consider the the Zojirushi NP-NVC10 rice cooker?

1. Artificial Intelligence- This smart induction cookware is equipped with Fuzzy Logic technology which is a type of artificial intelligence. This technology allows the rice cooker to think for itself such as temperature settings and cooking time as selected on the menu.

2. Warm Options- This product features three warming options; the regular keep warm, extended keep warm and reheat mode. This technology lets you control the heat of the rice cooker.

3. Rice Cooking Settings-The Zojirushi can cook 11 different types of rice. This feature allows you to have a variety on rice cooking. If you are craving for porridge or umami rice, you can have it using this cookware.

4. Safety Features- This product follows the FCC standardization. It has built-in safety features to prevent unwanted accidents.

Now that you have a little insight about induction rice cookers would like to get one for your kitchen?

For additional details about best induction rice cookers, go to Induction Pros.