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Do you listen to music from your smartphone? Truthfully, using your smartphone as a speaker is not a smart move since you will only hear low-quality music. If you have a great swimming pool, deck, patio, or backyard, and would like to enjoy some background music as you lounge on your lawn chairs or float on a tube, you need a sound system with quality speakers. Although finding quality indoor speakers is easy, it can be challenging to find the same type of high audio quality for your outdoor speakers. If you are looking to add zest to your outdoor music listening experience, consider any of the following best powered outdoor speakers for non-stop listening:

JBL Charge3

If you are looking for a small, affordable but powerful, waterproof outdoor speaker and would like to charge your devices on the go, the JBL Charge 3 is your best bet. For busy folks who are always on the go, durability is a major factor. As its name suggests, this speaker will allow you to charge your smartphone or any other USB-powered gadget as you listen to music. It has an extremely hard, durable plastic casing for durability. The Charge 3 is waterproof, with an IPX7 rating, which means that you can submerge it up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. It has a long battery life of about 20 hours per charge. Owing to its passive radiators, the JBL Charge 3 gives you a warm, punchy bass. Furthermore, it is extremely loud with minimal distortion

Braven XXL

This is the best choice if you are looking for a louder yet rugged outdoor speaker. Consider buying the Braven XXL if there other smaller Bluetooth outdoor speakers don’t give you your preferred oomph. Being among the loudest outdoor speakers, the XXL features four drivers and a big 15,600 mAh battery, which allows you to play music for up to 14 hours. It is shockproof, has a rubberized exterior and an IPX56 water-resistant rating.

JLAB Block Party

The JLAB Block Party is your best choice of a multi-room speaker. You should buy this speaker if you need your house and backyard with simultaneous music without using Wi-Fi. Essentially, the Block Party is portable, with a sleek, rugged, splash-proof design. Using an inbuilt 5.8 GHz signal, it can connect to buddy speakers enabling you to play simultaneous tunes on your patio, in the living room, and in your bedroom. Furthermore, since it does not require Wi-Fi connectivity, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth and blast your favorite playlist. Another winning feature of the JLAB Block Party is dual tweeters and dual woofers that give you a powerful punch.

Unlike indoor speakers, outdoor speakers are designed to produce quality sound in wide open spaces. Apart from being weather-resistant and waterproof, the above-mentioned speakers spread audio equally. If you prefer high-quality music that seems to come from no particular direction, these speakers are an incredible option.