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All fish are cold-blooded animals, and this means that the temperature of the surrounding influences the body temperatures of fish. So when it is too hot the body temperature fish raises making the fish less active, and when it is too cold during the winter the body temperature lowers and fish go deep seas to where water is warm. Feel free to find out more here at fishingly crazee

So the best time of year to go fishing is when the temperatures are on average, avoid to go fishing when it is too hot during summer and when it is too cold during winter. Otherwise, fishing is an activity that can be done throughout the years but it depends with the method of fishing you would like to use, where you want to go out fishing and the type of fish you target. I will discuss the four seasons of a year and the goods of fishing at every season and you will decide the best time for you.

1. Spring

Spring season comes after a long cold winter season, and this is when most fish departments restock. Also in the natural fishing grounds like lakes and rivers, the fish are hungry and are easily attracted by bait used. Hence most fishermen say spring season is the best time of the year to go fishing.

2. Summer

Early summer is a good time to go out for fishing too but when the temperatures keep rising the fish go deep the sea hence making it an inappropriate time to go fishing. When you want to fish during the summer, do it early summer.

3. Autumn

The fall is another better time of the year to go out fishing, The fall is a transition period between the summer and winter and during this season the temperatures are moderate not too hot or too cold for fish survival and hence the best time to go fishing.

4. Winter

During winter the temperatures are extremely low making water to have low oxygen supply hence difficult for fish survival. Winter, therefore, is the worst time to go out fishing unless you target ice fishing.

Basing from the above discussion, it is easily noticeable that winter and summer are the two extreme seasons and not best for fishing and therefore to my own opinion the best time of the year to go out fishing is spring and fall seasons.