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Though bottled water isn’t any cleaner or safer than river water, then wherever you reside, the river water is guaranteed to include some substances you do not wish to drink, cook or consume into your skin while washing your own hands or bathing. myfilterpitcher.com

At the very least, all municipal river water includes chlorine to destroy germs. Many people also add fluoride into the water, thinking that it assists with dental wellness. (It does not, and can lead to injury) Throughout the past couple of decades, many water suppliers have begun incorporating chloramines (chlorine and ammonia) into our water. This radically alters the landscape of water purification and filtration since like chlorine, and chloramines are extremely difficult to eliminate, and they also leach metals such as copper and direct from the pipes to your water! But, chlorine, chloramines, and kale aren’t the only things you may need to fret about.

By instance, the Environmental Working Group spent years assessing the outcomes of nearly 20 million drinking water evaluations from utilities. The fantastic thing is that their assessments demonstrate that local water providers meet the Environmental Protection Agency required water quality criteria 92% of their time. The terrible news is they found 316 pollutants full of water provided to different cities at the U.S. in 2004. Over fifty percent of those pollutants that they discovered are entirely unregulated (such as toxic residues and radioactive contaminants), and over 130 turned upward in quantities exceeding official health-based guidelines.

Between cooking, drinking, washing dishes, watering fruits, cleaning teeth and bathing, and we all could be subjected to much more waterborne toxins than we all understand, and also government regulations aren’t tight enough to guard our health over the long run. That is the reason why, even if you purchase bottled water (Please, do not.), it’s still true that you have to filter out your river water.