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Wastes are part of our life. We can never spend a day without creating one. And since this has been a part of human existence, the least that we can do is to find ways how to properly dispose it. Each has the responsibility to look for the best garbage disposal to preserve our environment while maintaining proper sanitation at the same time.

Today, there are various ways to manage garbage disposal and they provide many options to protect the Earth from the damages that this rubbish can cause to Mother Nature. Below are some of them:

  1. Incineration

This is the process where waste materials are destroyed through burning. This involves organic substance combustion of waste materials. The other term for this is a high-temperature waste treatment or “thermal treatment”. Through this process, your garbage is transformed into ash, heat and flue gas. Many find this method efficient since it turns bulky piles of garbage crashed waste products and reduce them to pieces. With incineration, the volume of wastes is significantly reduced to 95-96%.

  1. Recycling

Through this method, wastes do not end up on the garbage but they are reused through a recycling process. Meaning, the material is restored to its previous state before it turned as garbage. Another term for this is to “reprocess”, “reuse”, “reclaim, “reprocess”, “recover” or “reclaim”.

The ultimate goal for this is to avoid putting useful materials to waste and limiting the use of fresh raw materials. This saves energy usage and prevents water pollution caused by landfills. It also lowers the amount of garbage for incineration, thus, reducing air pollution at the same time. Recycling is therefore perceived as environmentally friendly ways of waste disposal.

  1. Composting

This is allowing nature to recycle waste materials. These wastes are the biodegradable organic wastes like the manure, food waste, grass trimmings, wood, paper, feathers and many others. With this, there will be less garbage going to the landfill. And since this is an easy process, a lot of homes opt for this type of waste disposal, especially those living in rural areas. When garbage trucks seldom visit the area for garbage collection, composting is a wise alternative to get rid of waste products at home. But more than that, this also offers an efficient solution to decompose organic wastes and use them as fertilizers or nutrient-rich dung.

  1. Landfill

This is a designated dumpsite where garbage trucks throw all the wastes they have collected from business establishments and homes. It is sometimes called as “dumping ground”, “garbage dump” and many others. This can be harmful to the environment since the chemical wastes buried underneath the ground can seep into the source of water systems that distribute waters to adjacent homes. As much as possible, efforts will be exhausted to decrease the amount of garbage landing into this place, otherwise, this will endanger Mother Nature and cause a major problem in the days to come.

Remember that you are responsible for the garbage that you throw. So, make sure that you do this task wisely.

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