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There are over 40 magic mushroom strains. Take a look at the top seven highly suggested shrooms for beginners. 

Magic mushrooms became more popular over the years. Most buyers use shrooms for its potential health benefits, which includes anti-depressant and treatment to extreme anxiety disorders. Although there is no solid scientific evidence proving the medicinal properties of shrooms, testaments of many users prove that it is indeed helpful in relieving depression. Meanwhile, advanced psychonauts use shrooms for recreational purposes.

Every beginner must understand the differences between shroom strains. Some of them are quite strong, whereas others have milder effects. Before you buy magic mushrooms online, take a look at this list of the top five shroom strains suggested for beginners.

No. 1: Cambodian Shroom

The Cambodian strain of PsilocybeCubensis is a great choice for beginners. The shroom was first discovered by John W. Allen in Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.

It is milder in potency compared to well-known strong shrooms like Liberty Cap. This strain is easy to cultivate. It grows on cattle dung and grassy lands. Likewise, it has high availability in online dispensaries.

This strain improves mood and enhances energy. It helps a person to relax without experiencing intense psychoactive effects.

No. 2: The Golden Teacher

The Golden Teacher is recognizable from its wide golden caps and thick stems. The origin of this strain is unknown. It appeared and gained popularity only in the late 1980s.

This psilocybecubensis strain is perfect for beginners and even advanced users. It has an average potency that induces energy and a happier mood. But be warned. Taking a higher dosage of the Golden Teacher can lead to euphoric effects. Thus, beginners are advised to use the suggested micro-dosing of the shroom.

No. 3: B+ PsilocybeCubensis

The B+ is one of the variants of psilocybecubensis that are ideal for beginners. It is also a favorite among cultivators since it is easy to grow even at home. The strain took over the market in the ’90s. However, neophytes in magic mushrooms are advised not to use more than the recommended dosage of the shroom. The side-effects of this strain include distorted visuals and mood changes.

No. 4: Psilocybin Mexicana

This strain is one of the classics every beginner looking for a motivating and pleasant trip. It is commonly used for recreational purposes rather than medicinal due to its stronger psychoactive effects.

Psilocybin Mexicana induces visual distortions. The closest trip description of this strain is seeing striking shapes and colors. Unlike strong psychedelics that cause nightmares and extreme visual alterations, this strain have no strong hallucinations. Thus, there are fewer chances of bad trips with psilocybin Mexicana.

No. 5: Tampanensis or Philosopher’s Stone

Another good variety of magic mushrooms for beginners is Tampanensis or the Philosopher’s stone. It has an average to powerful visual effect on a person. It encourages deep thinking, inspiration, and introspection. Although this strain is a bit powerful than psilocybin Mexicana, it has no overwhelming side-effects that could lead to intense hallucinations and nightmares.

This strain is ideal for individuals who want to experience pleasant euphoria, happiness, and a mystical trip.