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Confused about which Embroidery Machine to buy? 

Choosing the first embroidery machine can be daunting, especially when there are tons of features for each machine you browse on the internet or see at a store. With today’s advanced technology, you will find several brands with different styles and designs; so, choosing one can be confusing too.

Fortunately, there are ways on how to choose the right embroidery machine for you:

1. How do you plan to use the embroidery machine?

Are you going all out for commercial use or is it for home use? There are brands of embroidery machines that are designed specifically for home use, where there are limited features. The commercial embroidery machines, on the other hand, are specifically built with features that can tolerate mass production and long hours of operations.

2. Purchase according to your skill level

For a beginner, it is best to choose an embroidery machine that is built with simple features, easy threading and changing features, easy controls, and easy changing of pattern features. However, if you think your current embroidery skills can be used for an embroidery machine for pros, you need to thoroughly check the brand’s features and specifications. If you want this year’s best embroidery machine, you may check it out here.

3. The brand of the embroidery machine

Due to the high-end technology, more and more companies are trying to develop high-quality embroidery machine; however, there are also counterfeit that you need to watch-out before buying one.

One of the best ways to choose a quality machine for embroidery is checking blogs and forums about which brand offers convenience and quality embroidery result. Also, try to read some product reviews for reputable embroidery machines.

4. Check out the features

Another essential factor you have to research is the machine’s features, this includes the following:

  •    The embroidery field size

The embroidery field size is the frame area where the machine can stitch. If you want larger embroidery, you have to choose a machine that has a larger frame size; anyway, most of these machines are flexible enough to work even with the smallest embroidery project.

  •    The featured designs

Do not settle for less; if you want to learn and become a pro when it comes to embroidery, you have to choose a machine that can accommodate hundreds of designs. There are thousands of designs that you can find on the internet, all you need to do is download them and have the file transferred to the machine. For modern machines, you may use memory cards or USB flash drives.

5. Choose according to your budget

There are high-quality home embroidery machines with the price that usually plays around $500 and up. However, commercial embroidery machines are a little pricey. If you have listed down the specifics that you want for your embroidery machine, take time to browse on the internet or read some trustworthy product review to find the best machine that is built with quality at an affordable price.