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If you have a baby, or you’re having one in the near future, you’ll definitely be shopping for baby products. I’m sure you will even be looking for the perfect baby bassinet to provide ample sleep and rest for your precious baby. Bassinets are one of the wisest decisions. They offer a calm, quiet, and comfortable environment for the baby to sleep without any distractions. Also, they’re equipped with safety features to ensure your baby is safe and sound while he/she sleeps. But, even though bassinets come in handy, you need to know the right time to stop using them. Please feel free to read more here.

In this article, we will be looking at tips to help you know when to stop using a bassinet.

How to Know it’s Time to Stop Using a Bassinet

If the Baby is Too Heavy

A bassinet is a useful item for your baby, but you should keep in mind that it comes with weight limits. Most of them have a weight limit of between 15 to 20 pounds. Some may even have a lower limit, going for as low as 10 pounds. Therefore, take your time to go through the user manual and know your model’s specific weight limit. If yours doesn’t have a manual or it was handed down from a friend or relative, stop using it once your baby hits 15 pounds. However, it’s recommended to invest in a bassinet with a higher weight so that the baby can use it for longer, and with less risk.

If the Baby Has Outgrown the Bassinet

Your baby may not have exceeded the weight limit, but he/she may have outgrown the bassinet. His/her height may have increased significantly such that placing them on it makes them look cramped. Therefore, if you have been using a bassinet for quite some time now, maybe 3 or 4 months, observe how easy it is to put the baby in the bassinet, and how comfortable he/she is. Does he/she hit her head or feet on the sides of the bassinet when you’re laying him/her down? Does the space appear too small? Then it may be the time to stop using a bassinet and get a bigger space.

If the Baby Has Become Too Active

When the baby is small, maybe 2 or 3 months, he/she can only lie down or be held in our hands. They are not involved in a lot of activity because their bone structure hasn’t matured yet. But, once they’re 4 or 5 months, their bone structure has matured, and they will be involved in lots of activities such as rolling or trying to sit down. In that case, you need to stop using a bassinet. The baby may roll over, hit the sides of the bassinet, and fall, injuring themselves. If the baby can sit, he/she may try flipping out of bed, which can also cause injuries. Thus, observe your baby’s activity keenly and if he/she has become too adventurous, stop using a bassinet.

It’s recommended that you stop using a bassinet after the first four months, but all this will depend on how heavy your baby is, how much he/she has grown, and how active they are. Knowing when to stop ensures that your baby is safe at all times.