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How do you like your shroom served? Find out why you should consider taking magic mushroom tea. 

Psychedelic therapy is not an entirely new concept. Historians believe that psychedelic treatment was used back in 9000 B.C. in North African indigenous culture. However, there was no strong record to solidify it. The first psychoactive mushroom record was in 1956 identified by Roger Heim. Later in 1958, Albert Hofmann first identified the active compounds of magic mushrooms known as psilocybin and psilocin.

Back then, shrooms are cultivated from their habitat. However, today, magic mushrooms have become popular in recent times. If you want to buy shrooms in Fredericton, or any part of Canada, all you have to do is visit online dispensaries.

With the increasing demand for shrooms, several magic mushroom products have popped into the market. You can find dried shrooms, capsules, and even edibles such as chocolates and caramels infused with the mushroom. This variety of options allows you numerous choices of how to take magic mushroom.

According to experienced shroom users, the best way to reap the benefits and effects of magic mushroom is through taking it dried. Drying does not diminish the potency of shroom as well as its quality. However, not all are a fan of its taste.

Why Shroom Tea? 

If your palate dislikes shroom taste, turning into a tea can help reduce its terrible flavor. The warmth and aroma of tea will make you enjoy the mushroom better. Moreover, the brewing process won’t reduce the potency and benefits of magic mushrooms. Additionally, you can mix it with specific herbal blends to make it more flavorful and easier to stomach.

How to Make Shroom Tea? 

You can find different magic mushroom tea recipes online. But if you prefer a less complicated process, follow the steps below.

#1 Weigh the Shroom

Only use the recommended shroom dosage for desired effects. Make sure to follow the suggestion of experts. For beginners, micro-dosing is advised to reduce the risk of intense psychoactive effects.

#2 Pulverize the Shroom

If you are using dried magic mushroom, you have to grind it first into a powder. To make things easier, you can buy powdered shrooms at reliable online dispensaries.

#3 Prepare Herbal Blend

Prepare your favorite herbal blend to add flavor. Some use lemon, hibiscus, and peppermint to enhance flavor and aroma. If you are hesitant to put herbs, the safest option is ginger. Add some ginger to the powdered mushroom.

#4 Pour Hot Water

Transfer the powdered shroom with herbal blend on a teacup. Pour hot water over the shroom, and then let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. If you want your tea a bit sweeter, you can add honey to the drink.

A caution: make sure to strain the shroom bits before drinking. The bits may cause nausea and upset your stomach. Thus, make sure to consume the tea only.

How to Preserve Shroom Tea? 

If you made a lot of dried shroom tea, you can preserve it to increase shelf life. Store the dried shroom tea in an airtight container. Place it in a dark area with a cool temperature. The lifespan of dried shroom tea could reach up to three to four weeks.