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The important thing for many adventurers is to realize that leaving the tent behind and switching to a hammock isn’t about sacrificing comfort but in fact, it’s just the opposite. Hammock camping is more comfortable, more enjoyable, and even easier to set up and takedown. For the best single nest hammock, please check over here.

The first hurdle which we will most likely face is choosing from the different types of hammocks in the market. Before checking accessories, one needs to sift through the various variations out there and find that type of hammock that works best for our needs and priorities. Well, that’s exactly why we’ve created this quick guide for choosing from each type of hammock available in the market.

Standard Parachute Hammocks

The parachute hammock tends to be a very common hammock for both camping and recreation. The nylon is thankfully very water-resistant, which is a great advantage when camping in forests. The ultra-lightweight of these hammocks also makes them a prime candidate to scrunch into your packs, and not even feel the difference. But being manufactured from nylon, it tends to be a little stretchy & no added features like bug net available.

The Ultra-light hammock is an upgraded parachute hammock available in the market which is more spacious and lightweight. The redesigned nylon greatly improves the overall durability of the hammock, while decreasing the stretch at the same time. The only primary drawback to this hammock is its typical lack of bug and weather protection. While this does help with its lightweight design, it can sometimes be a hassle to purchase a bug net individually and setting it up.

Expedition & Jungle Hammocks

These hammocks are generally constructed from thick nylon, which provides excellent durability against abrasion and regular use. The built-in bug-nets are also very convenient for keeping the insects away, and can easily be zipped back when not needed. The downside is the cost and extra weight that they add to our backpack. However, if we are heading out for a prolonged trip in the forest, or with the nasty weather conditions, then the jungle hammock provides fortress-like protection.

Spreader-bar Type Hammocks

This type of hammock uses a spreader bar or bridge-like structure, similar to a tent pole. These hammocks are primarily geared towards helping us to find the most comfortable position possible. The hammock is pretty heavy due to those extra spreader bars, so make sure during purchase regarding the light-weight versions.

Different Sizes of Hammock

1. Single Size Hammock

The single-sized hammocks tend to focus on cutting out excess material and weight to provide just enough space for a single person, along with other necessary add on options.

2.  Double Hammock

Double size hammocks are spacious, providing plenty of space for a nice comfortable sleep. Also, it provides a good option to keep our pet dog along with us inside the shelter.

Now after going through all the primary hammock variations, one can easily purchase or rent a hammock for having a comfortable camping experience.