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Your car requires oil change from time to time. It is a common knowledge that a car has to change oil for every 3000 miles of traveling distance. In fact, you might feel worried if you fail to change your oil within the month. Also, some car mechanics highly recommend monthly change oils to prevent damaging your car’s engine. But, is it really the case? News and blog articles regarding synthetic oil are saying the contrary. Reports say that this type of oil can let your car run for more than 3000 miles without creating engine damages. It is one of the reasons this oil is becoming a popular option for car owners in the market. Then, what is the truth behind oil changing in a car? There are several conditions that can lead to damaging your car engine. If your car is under one of these conditions, you have to really change your oil between 3000 miles of the ride. Here it is.


1. Driving in a severe traffic under a hot weather.

2. Driving on short trips (approximately about 5 miles) during normal and freezing weather temperature.

3. Driving long distances at low speed.

4. Driving in harsh road conditions such as muddy, dusty, sandy or gravel paths.

5. Frequent towing a trailer and other carriers.


Now, if you are not driving in one of the above conditions, then, your car is free to change oil until it reaches 5000 miles of driving distance. Moreover, you can reach up to 7000 miles if you use synthetic oil. Then, the rule of 3000 miles seems to be a myth… Synthetic oil can improve the performance of your car better compared to conventional oil. The conventional oil loses its properties faster when in use. Thus, it will need frequent oil change which means you are going to flush more money with this type of oil. This is where the 3000 miles rule is based on.


However, car owners are reluctant to change from conventional oil to synthetic oils. They are worried that using synthetic oil might impact the car’s engine, especially for older models. For this reason, they stick to the oil they usually use and avoid facing the risk of trying new oils. Synthetic oil can do no damage to your car’s engine. It is far different from conventional ones. It does not lose its properties and stays sticky and flowing, even it reaches the 3000 miles supposed oil limit. Therefore, this type of oil can let your car engine stay lubricated for a long time. It also means lesser oil change expenditure.


Before buying synthetic oil, one thing you should know is that there are two types of it, the semi-synthetic and full synthetic oils. Each type of synthetic oil produces varying effects on the car’s performance. Thus, you have to check first on what type of synthetic oil suits your car before you decide on one. The Gear 4 Wheel can help you to pick out the right oil for your car. This site provides all information you need regarding car maintenance to car accessories.

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