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Working for a healthier, fitter body is a commendable lifestyle choice. There’s no shame in admitting that one’s motivation to lose excess fat and gain muscle is not only to be in good, healthy shape, but also to look good. After all, physical aesthetics is a good reflection of how a person values oneself.

However, the choice to live a fitter lifestyle is a road littered with numerous obstacles. One of these is lack of information and straight up misinformation. Plenty of hopeful fitness enthusiasts fall into bodybuilding traps that they are genuinely unaware of, at least not when they started out. Here are some issues that a badly planned fitness routine can lead to.

  1. Anterior dominant.

Hunching forward, whether muscular or lanky, doesn’t look commanding and confident. Some bodybuilders hunch forward just because they have inherently bad postures. And then there are those who inadvertently hunch forward because they trained their chests too much and neglected their back exercises. Another indicator of this, as seen from a person’s front, is that their hands are pronated when at rest.

  1. Curl bro.

It’s interesting to note that there’s a gym demographic – a large one at that – who are focusing their entire workout on arm movements. And the worst part is that most of these arm movements are focused on bicep contractions, leaving the tricep proportionally weaker than their antagonistic muscle. Most of them don’t know that they’re doing an ineffective workout, but there are those who do it while being aware that the only muscles they’re improving are their biceps. Their motivation is moments of opportunities where they can flex their arms in front of other people. This training misdeed sometimes goes hand-in-hand with the first entry on the list, as bench presses and bicep curls are the most popular exercise movements in pop culture.

  1. Blocky waist.

Everywhere these days, fitness rookies are bombarded with too many things that put emphasis on core workouts. The irony of it is that focusing too much on core muscles, which are technically a group of abdominal muscles that include a thick blanket of muscle under the ubiquitous “abs”, is that it makes the waist look thick. Too thick, in fact, that it blows the person’s physical proportion out of the water, especially when they put extra effort in training their oblique. Sure, there are several groups of people who are impressed with the imposing, thick core one might possess from core-centric training. But the majority of the population are more impressed by a v-taper. Add the fact that a proportional core isn’t really weak compared to a thick one. The former is actually functions more harmoniously with other muscle groups because it’s not overtrained.

To avoid these bodybuilding pitfalls, it’s important for anyone who is starting out to find a reliable coach. If not from a local fitness club, at least from someone with knowledge and experience from the Internet. AGR body reviews in particular, is a great read in order to end up with a training that leads to a more aesthetically impressive result.

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