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You do exercises to keep your heart healthy, shed some pounds, and improve the memory. You end up thinking that is all exercises can do for your wellbeing. Apart from doing exercises to keep the body active, workouts can also improve muscles. These strengthening exercises help to keep healthy the muscles supporting your knees, shoulders, back, abdomen, and neck. Exercises help to avoid injuries. However, all exercises are not the same; some require stamina and better posture. Are you looking to improve your muscles? Here are some exercises to aid in improving your strength and get the best muscle tone.


Follow these steps when doing this exercise:

Seize a dumbbell in your right hand while standing to the left of a chair. Bend forward at the hips with your upper body being at a 45-degree position to the floor. Support your free hand by putting it on top of the chair. Twist your right elbow to have your upper arm parallel to the ground, with your forearm vertical to it and your palm facing in. Your elbow should be close to your waist, and your knees unlocked as you pull your abdominals in.

While keeping your upper arms at rest, straighten your arm at your back until the dumbbell points downward. Gradually, turn your arm to reduce the weight. Do the exercise again with your left arm. Kickback exercise works to strengthen triceps.

Shoulder press

This exercise is good for strengthening deltoids, triceps, trapezius, anterior and the upper part of the pecs. Grasp a dumbbell in both hands and sit up in elevation on a chair with comfortable back support. With your feet hip-width apart, put them feet on the floor. Pull your abdominals in to form space between the small of your back and the backside of the chair.

Put your palms frontward, twist the elbows and lift the dumbbells up and have them at the same level as your ears; below your shoulder height. Next, with your elbows locked, make straight your arms over the head and then gradually lower to start.


Doing plank exercise requires flexibility since it improves balance and supports correct posture. Plank exercise also strengthens abdominal muscles. These are the guidelines for doing this exercise.

Start the exercise when at a resting position by laying on your stomach flat. Make your legs flat and prop your upper body by the forearm.

Raise your hips off the floor by tightening and clenching your lower back and shoulders and hold for 30 to 45-second intervals and then loosen up. Try doing four or five sets of your longest hold. At your last set, your arms should be trembling signifying you are almost your limits.


The simple exercise that you ignore could help improve your muscles, avoid injuries and bring other health benefits. To improve your muscles, target to have 20-25 minutes of improvement exercises for two or three times a week. Also, you can improve the muscles by developing simple habits such as walking to work and using stairs instead of the elevator.